Thursday, December 3, 2009

Pens Vs Avs

The Penguins Battle the Colorado Avalanche tonight at Melon Arena. It's always fun to see a team from the west play at the Igloo. Do we have an advantage? The Av's played last night in Florida Losing to the Panthers in the shootout 6-5, But Coach Bylsma insists It's only an advantage if we make it one. (i can't find where i read that now). I really don't know much about the Avalanche other than that Paul Stastny guy is pretty good and goalie Craig Anderson has been one of the best so far this season. There is a little payback that maybe should be Dealt out tonight. David Koci is on the Colorado roster. We all know what this wanna be hockey player did to Gonchar last Preseason. That all I have on the Avalanche, I could find more but I'm pretty lazy.

Just in case people forgot about Eric Christiansen the New York Rangers snatched him up off waivers. They must be planning on a bunch of shootouts in the future.

And More on the Alex Ovechkin drama; He says he's going to pick it up a notch. Seriously can someone just put him on the IR for the rest of the season. I'm really get sick of this guy. He says it just makes him even more mad. And now his coach agrees he should play the way he wants to. When this first happened coach Bruce Boudreau agreed that he should tone it down. Why the change of heart? Grow a set Boudreau.

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