Monday, December 7, 2009

A Finals Peview?

The Pens lost to the Chicago Blackhawks 2-1 in OT on saturday night. It was a pretty even contest with both goalies coming up huge for thier respective teams. Hossa started out the goal knocking in a rebound past Fleury. Do we still hate this guy? I firmly believe if we would have signed him we wouldn't have made the finals last year. The Pens got too many key players because Hossa elected to sign with the Wings. We all know how that worked out.

Jordan Staal tied the game late in the 3rd period ensuring that the we would get a point. The OT period didnt work out so well, Verteeg scored with minutes in giving the Cocky little bastards the win. It was a good game, maybe I have my "Homer Glasses on but, in my opinion the Pens put it to them. Antti Niemi? Who the hell is this guy. Whoever he is , thats the only reason the Hawks won. Don't worry Chicago, we will see you again. Nothing like starting a friendly new rival in the west, It was the Wings but they suck now, time to move on.

One more thing to bring up, When is Campbell gonna hand down the 2 game suspension to Duncan Keith. It was a blatant hit to the head of a guy who just came back from a suspension for the same kind of hit, Or will he not get suspended because afterall he did hit Matt Cooke, Not really a super star.

In other NHL news the Philadelphia Flyers have fired their head coach John Stevens. Peter Laviolette will take over and be the leader of the Goon Squad. What happens in his first game? An ass whooping to the tune of 8-2 by the Wasjington Capitals, Not only that Phil Carcillo gets handed a 4 game suspension for jumping Matt Bradley. When are these Flyers going to realize, your not going to go far playing undisciplined Goon Hockey, The Days of the Broad street bullies are over. The NHL has changed. Another good idea would be to find yourself a good goalie. Instead they waste the Salary cap on a Used up has been like Chris Pronger. Ray Emery isn't going to get you far either. Maybe next year Philly!!

Tonight the Slumping Carolina Hurricanes. Jordan Staal has a brother on that team I think.

Go Steelers.....OOPS

Go Pens

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