Wednesday, October 21, 2009

They Might not Lose Again.......

The Pens made quick work of the St. Louis Blues last night, beating them by a score of 5-1. Thats saying nothing bad about the Mason, St. Louis would have been embarrassed had he not kept the game close early on. The Pens have been winning games and making it look easy. The Blues looked like the just were not ready to face a team like the pens. The first period shot count was laughable at 20 something to 3 in favor of the pens. I'm not sure of the exact numbers but i know the Pens launched a total of 43 shots at Mason and then Conklin. It was well executed at every aspect of the game. If they can come out like that every night, i can see a 81-1 season.

I would talk about highlights, but its more fun to watch

The Pens dominated from the 1st line to the fourth line, from defense to offense, and when the blues got some good chances Maf was there to clean it up. The only thing that got by him was a deflection goal from Kariya. Simply put he is the best Net minder in the League right now.

With the good come the bad and the Pens will have to battle a bit of adversity for the first time with the injury to Gonchar. I dont know when or how it happened, just just noticed he wasn't on the ice in the third period. I don't know the exact time frame but, I'm hearing 4 to 6 weeks with a broken bone in his hand. Will it hurt the Pens? certainly. Will they continue to win games? certainly. The Pens have plenty of depth to take care of any injury that will come up. Blueline is loaded with offensive minded defenseman to handle what Gonchar was doing.

Next game Friday against the Florida panthers

Go Pens

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