Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Why In The World

Why is it that every team the Pens have faced so far have decided to goon it up? Like Bob Errey mention last night, Is it because the Pens are just frutrating their opponent to the point of total retardation.

Last night the Ottawa Senators turned into what you may only see in Philly and I guess now in Toronto. It's not like the Sens played a bad game. Maf was huge last night. Every team at one point or another will run into a hot goalie. The 2 or 3 that did get past Fleury went of the Pipe or wide.

Maybe the Fact that Tyler Kennedy got 2 goals against Leclaire. Maybe because we got 4 goals and Malkin or Crosby didn't own one of them. The Pens have enough depth to beat you with the top guns taking a night off, Not to mention we went 0-4 on the power play. Craig Adams turn in 2 assists, thats gotta hurt.

I was surprised however, The Sens put together a better game than what I was expecting. Jason SPezza was a beast all night, But bad bounces, missed nets, and the best goalie in the league caused the Sens to fall short. The Sens, at one point were actually leading, so it was only for 39 seconds before Guerin tied it up at 1, The fact is they were leading. As it turns out that would be the only goal the Sens would get.

The thing that the rest of the league should be worried about right now is we are 5-1 and are far from playing the best hockey. The Pens will get better as the season goes on. The Power play needs to be more consistant. I think i say that every season, but usually it shows up when we need it. Certain players aren't producing like we are used to. as soon as this gets settled and everything start clicking, It would be impossible for the Pens to be beat.

Next on the list is Carolina. The playoff series with the Hurricanes was so quick, sometimes i forget we ever faced them in the playoffs, Oh yeah and Staal has a brother that plays in Carolina i think.

More on the Canes Tomorrow.........Maybe?

Go Pens

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