Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Bottom of the Barrel

So without much to do on a Tuesday night. I turn on the Tv, Maybe versus has some hockey on or something. Low and behold under the Guide says "NHL Hockey. My night is set. I kick my chair back, flip to hockey. How can this be i say. Versus is airing the Capitals VS the Flyers!! Are you kidding me. 2 young stairs of the eastern Conference facing off, Mike Richards facing Alex Ovechkin. It's like putting two Retards in a room with a rubix cube, something fun to do but it will end up with one beating the other into submission, but i continue to watch. It will be the first time this season i will get to see the biggest of the Pens rivals this season.

To my surprise it was quite the offensive explosion, either that or shitty goaltending, a little of both if you ask me. Playoff hero for the Caps Semyon Varlamov was pulled after watching 4 go by him. Flyers Goalie, Well he has always sucked so no surprise there.

As far as the Offense is conserned, Richards did get a Hat trick marking the first time a Flyer turned a trick on opening night. Ovechkin had two goals, Semen had 2 goals, and Hartnell is still a goon. The Flyers ended up winning the game with an overtime goal scored by little girl danny brierre. Flyers win, I'm still disgusted that they are still in the NHL.

For the Pens. The season started out as good as it can. 2 games, 2 wins. The Islanders game was a let down a little, seeing as how the Islanders put it to us for a good 2 periods. That Tavares fella is gonna be something thats for sure.

Tonight the Pens host the Coyotes for the 3rd win of the season. I dont keep p much with the yotes so i have know idea what to expext. This will be their first year in banckruptcy. The Coyotes are staying in Phoenix now. All Pens fans can appreeciate that!!

Go Pens

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