Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Carolina Hurricanes

An unbeaten road trip makes it's final stop in the sunny south for the Pens Vs Hurricanes (Staal has a brother on that team). The Canes aren't scoring goals. 2 goals a game is about their limit. Last game saw them get beat by the Tampa Bay circus by a score of 5-2, going into the 3rd period tied at 2.

The first line of Samsanov, Eric Staal (Jordans Brother), and Ruutu should have enough to put up decent numbers. If they can't do it the second line of Ray Whitney, Matt Cullen, Chad LaRose should be able to pick up the slack. Sooner or later they will start scoring, hopefully not tonight, as the Pens want to close out this road trip with a perfect record.

I can't mention The Hurricanes without mentioning Cam Ward. he is a beast. The Trib evidently thinks he's comparable to Maf.

If anyone can remember the finals in the east last season it was a 4 game sweep against the Canes.

If you cant remember much of the series that goal should be firmly lodged in your brain. That game also saw Malkin get his first ever Playoff Hat trick. If i remember correctly I think Maf robbed Eric Staal (Jordans Brother) at the door step. He was good for at least one of those saves every series. The Pens steam rolled right through the Canes last season so I'm sure some revenge is on the minds of all the canes that was involved.

Tonight Crosby and the Pens VS. Eric Staal (not funny anymore) and the Canes.

The Fans in North Carolina will be Electric.

Go Pens

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