Friday, March 5, 2010

The Big Bail Out

Wow do the New York Rangers blow! The Pens played well. They played their game the entire night I will give them that, but the Rags just let it happen. If we would have traded goalies I'm seeing double digits for the pens. Thankfully Bylsma pulled Fleury in the 2nd, I'm not sure he could have handled 4 more shots, which the way he was playing we may still have lost.

Fleury was the only downer about last nights game, I take that back, you can put the Penalty killing on that list also. They allowed 2 power play goals for the Rangers, that may have had more to do with Maf shitting the bed i suppose. The Penguins dominated from start to finish, Kunitz gets a goal, Staal gets 2, Gogo finally gets a goal, and Mike Rupp pots his 12th of the season. Its a shame it took 5 goals to get the job done, but a win is a win. Fleury looked like he hasn't played for 2 1/2 weeks. He seemed a bit rusty. He will be better tomorrow against Dallas. On the Bright side Johnson had to come in a stop a stampede of 4 shots in last period and a half. the first shot in the 3rd not coming until around the 5 minute mark.

It's over now, that will be the last time I have to put up with the New York Rangers and their Idiot fans this season. Seriously that thing you people do after the rags score a goal. down right annoying, but you people don't really get a lot of practice celebrating a goal, maybe you should do that everytme Henrik makes a save.

The game against Buffalo and the game against the Rangers have been 2 of the best for the Pens this season, maybe they are getting everything togethere for the stretch run and a long rn in the playoffs. Every game from here on out will be a playoff like game. If Fleury can get on his game things should come together fine.

Go Pens

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