Sunday, March 21, 2010

Ovechkin, Cooke and all the other "goons"

Caveman, Cookie and all the other "Goons" have no reason to respect other Players. Seriously, Cooke drops the Bee's top player for the season and all he gets is a Greco Roman style wrestling Match? I'm sure Cooke laughed all the way home after the game!! The problem here is that the league has made it impossible for the players to "instill" respect by issuing inconsistent Penalties and Fines for...Well, Frankly deserved retaliation. This is only one of the many adverse side effects that are sure to manifest from the leagues constant attempts to PUSSIFY the greatest game ever...Gar en dam tee that if Matt Cooke or Caveman would have received what I think they deserve, it would be the last time either one blind sides Anybody. But we all know what would have happened had someone bothered to instill a little respect in Cooke or Ovechkin. Ten Games and a bill!

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