Friday, March 12, 2010

Was that a Hook......

.....or maybe it was interference, or maybe, just maybe it was nothing at all. Maybe Brooks Orpik just lost an edge and fell to the Ice, It a Hurricanes stick was there looking like a hook, but not really hooking anything. Thats what I saw seconds before the Hurricanes beat Brent Johnson for the OT game winner. Did anyone else see this, or did I have one to many drinks? Thats the way it went all night for the Pens.

They man-handled the Canes in each zone, the few times the canes actually made it into the Pens zone they potted one. It was not a good showing for Brent Johnson, but that is the 1st time I have said this all season, that dude has been, for the most part, a wall whenever he is called upon. 3 of the 4 goals last night were a little on the weaker side. Thats the way it goes sometimes. The Goalie at the other end, Justin Peters, started out a little shaky but got stronger as the game went on.

The Canes had no business winning that game last night, they had no business even being in the game after the 2nd period, but whatever, the Pens got a point and now its off to a much more important game tonight against Canada's red headed step child and the New Jersey Devils. It was funny the way Canada turned on Marty Broduer in the wake of the loss to the U.S. Now he is back to his defensive trapping team and now he is the best in the world again.

This will be no small feat tonight for the Pens, actually if they score a goal against the Devils I will consider that a small victory, If Maf can somehow play a good game against the Devils I will consider that another small Victory. The last 2 games against the Devils the Pens couldn't score a goal and Fleury couldnt stop them from scoring, a bad recipe.

I know they wanted Fleury to be rested for the Devils but, I think it was a bad decision to start Johnson last night. Fleury will be rested but, he hasn't played in a week, he might be a little rusty. I guess we will see tonight

Go Pens

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