Monday, December 22, 2008

The Pens Win in Overtime

The game started out great for the Penguins with a Puck going off Boucher and behind Fleury about a minute into the game. If it wasn't for bad luck, the Pens wouldn't have any right now.
The Buffalo crowd is booing Satan when he touches the puck, are you serious? Did Satan leave Buffalo on a bad note? I dont remember.

Great transition for both teams in the first period, fast skating hockey. The new defenseman for the Sabres tries to keep that pace going with a pass up the center of the zone, Matt Cooke picks it off and fires one just wide of the net. He needs to hit the net there at least.

Fleury comes up big with 2 huge saves back to back at the 6:55 mark of the first period. Fleury seems to have bounced back well from the poor performance against the Maple leafs.

Orpik will own the first Penalty of the game, He heads to the box to give the Sabres a chance to make it a 2-goal game. With the way the Pens penalty killing has been the last few games, they should really think about staying out of the box. Roy gets a chance at an open net off a sick pass from Vanek, but he forgot how to play hockey for a second, big break for the Pens as they end up killing off the Orpik minor.

The 1st Period would end with a bunch of icing and offsides calls.

The second period starts out with Satan forgeting his skates in the locker room, falls twice before tripping a Sabres for the Pens second penalty of the contest. Maf'er has to make a few good saves to kill the penalty and keep the deficit a 1 goal, but it wouldn't last long. The 14:37 mark, the pens turn the puck over in the neutral zone and Kotalik comes in all alone. He beats Fleury high glove and the Sabres stretch the lead to 2-0.

Dupuis would get the goal right back from a one-timer from Satan, to beat Miller and cut the Sabres lead in half. 2-1 Sabres.

Shortly after the Pens would give the Sabres another chance on the power play. Thats 3 penalties for the Pens and none for the Sabres, what gives? The power play was pretty uneventful as the Pens kill it off.

Middle of the second period Kris Letang has a great chance to tie the game up from the slot, but the hot blonde in the second row catches his eye and his misses the net high and wide. The Pens are missing the net a lot tonight.

Goligoski immuned to all distractions would send a floater on net from the blue line that somehow gets by Miller to tie the game a 2 a peice. How that one got through is beyond me but i will take it.

Godard would give the Sabres a chance to take the lead again as he flattens someone into the boards, that was a hit from behind and that was a penalty. Peters would take offense to the hit and challenge Godard to a throw down, they wrestle for a few and fall to the ice. Sabres power play. We probably won't see Godard again.

The 4:02 mark saw the Sabres make Godard pay for being a hard ass. General Macarthur would put a rebound past Fleury and the Sabres re take the lead 3-2.

Soon after the goal Malkin would come busting down the slot, Miller pisses him self in fear and knocks the net off saying "its no fair Malkin is too good".

The Period would end with FLeury making a huge glove save from the doorstep.

Phillip Boucher gets a hooking call early in the third period, that should make all Bufflao fans embaraased. That was a total embellishment. what a goon. But the refs would give the Sabres another power play. Fleury would come up big on a few occasions during the power play and the pens barely kill it off.

5 minutes into the 3rd Crosby and Malkin would almost connect on what would be on the highlight reels for years to come. No dice.

And then starts a string of no calls by the refs, Rookie Defensman Butler, interferes with someone, i didnt catch the name, no call. Sykora is wrestled down to the ice racing for the puck, no call.

9:25 Finally these fuck stain refs get their heads out of there asses and call a penalty on Buffalo, it only took Goligoski getting punched in the head for this to happen. 30 seconds into the power play Goligoski puts a wrister behind Miller, game is tied, go fuck yourselves.

The Pens would have to kill another power play, Boucher heads to the box for high sticking the General Macarthur, the Pens would kill it with some strong Goaltending from Maf'er, and regulation would end at 3-3.

The overtime period would only last about 45 seconds as Crosby would deflect a Malkin knuckle puck behind Miller. oh wait a minute, was that a high stick? The Refs go to the war room in Douche bag town to get an official call. Crosby skates over to tell the refs, " if you call it a goal I will steal some wine from Mario's Cellar for you". You can't deny that, Game. Pens win 4-3. Buffalo fans if you are gonna whine about that being a high stick, suck it. we won!!!


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