Thursday, December 4, 2008

Game 25: Pens Win in Carolina

1st Period:

19:42 Malkin gets the 1st shot on net. ringing the pipe behind Leighton.

17:41 Sabourin has to make his 1st save of the game, stopping a shot from the point. Easy save for Sabourin.

15:25 The 1st Power play of the game belongs to Carolina. They call Crosby for something that i couldn't find in the rule book, clearly a make up for the 3 missed calls already this game.

12:15 Ruutu hits Goligoski from behind, slamming him into the boards. 2 minutes for boarding. Clearly a dirty hit. Just like his brother i guess. The Canes kill off the Penalty to Ruutu, but are charged with a hooking Penalty. The Pens get essentially a 4 minute power play.

9:05 Sykora Puts the 1st goal of the game in. What a wrist shot. 1-0 Pens

7:27 Dupuis gets his third goal of the Season. Pens fans were not surprised to see who gave the puck up, Melichar has been doing that his entire career. 2-0 Pens

The rest of the 1st period was the Pens putting it to Carolina, Pesonen gets a back hand shot on goal. I would love to see him bury one tonight.

End of one: 2-0 Penguins

**New/Old coach Paul Maurice can't be happy with all the turnovers his players are giving.
**Tuomo Ruutu is garbage just like his brother.

2nd Period:

19:27 Ruutu takes another stupid Penalty, high sticking. Pens go on a 2 minute power play.
18:07 Sykora gets his second of the night. 100th career power play goal for Sykora. Since we are making history tonight, how about that 1st hat trick? 3-0 Pens

17:48 Rutuu puts home a goal. he worthless: 3-1 Pens

13:09 The Canes were putting it to the Penguins for about a 5 minute stretch. Keeping the Pens in there own zone for much of the time only to have the Pens get a goal: 4-1 Pens Miro Satan puts the puck in front of the net and Larose decides to go ahead and skate it into his own net. Good times.

10:15 Sabourin makes a beautiful kick save, and another big save on the rebound. saves of the night right there.

9:12 The Canes draw another penalty. Mark Eaton goes to the box for being better than everyone else, Mark Eaton single handily kills the Penalty from the box. I've never seen anything like it.

5:45 The Penguins go to the box again, this time the Canes make them pay. Matt Cullen gets the Canes within 2. 4-2 Pens. its a game again.

1:38 Fedotenko dives to the crease to finish off what was dangerously close to Sykora getting a Hat trick. nice play by Fedo. 5-2 Pens. Now its not a game.

End Of Two: 5-2 Pens


3rd Period:

Would you feel better it the Pens were down by 3 at this point? It could go either way.

16:48 Sabourin robs Eric Staal in close, what a game Sabu has had so far.

**Put Sykora out with Crosby and Malkin, its 5-2 we can take a few chances to get him a Hat trick right?

11:49 Orpik lays out Rutuu at center ice. Payback for the Goligoski hit in the 1st period? I like to think so.

10:59 Sabourin makes another big save on a 2 on 1. The 3rd period is quickly turning into the Danny Sabourin show.

10:05 Orpik's hit on Ruutu earns the Subway sandwich of the game. Orpik has got to be juiced over that award.

If the Pens are trying to play shutdown hockey right now, They aren't doing a very good job.

2:ish The Canes draw another Penalty, Talbot heads to the box for something.
The Pens kill the Penalty and the Game


**Danny Sabourin had yet another solid performance in goal.
**other than the shot on goal by Pesonen, did he play the rest of the game?
**Sykora will get a Hat trick this season

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If the puck hits a post, it's not a shot.