Monday, December 29, 2008

How Long has it Been

Well i'm recently back from my Christmas hiatus of Binge drinking and watching hockey games in bars with some out of town friends in for the holidays. Other than my liver and Lack of sleep, it seems The Wicked Wrister has suffered some neglect as well. It seems the Penguins have been victims of some binge drinking and staying up all night also because they can't seem to put a decent game together lately.

So Lets go back to the Sabres game where the Pens squeak one out in 4 to 3 with Crosby getting the overtime goal on a high stick. It was a fun game to watch and it seemed both teams were even for the most part.

Then the Lightning come to town. For all the Lack of Defense jokes and over paid under achieving forward jokes going on around here, what do they do? They shut the Penguins out. The Pens couldn't manage to score a goal against the worst team in the league. Was it a great goal tending performance by Mike Smith? Did have to kick away 40 shots? Nope 15 saves got the job done. It was Ryan Whitney's first game back from foot surgery and i don't think it could have been worse.

Next up, The New Jersey Devils. If the Lightning can beat the Pens, then we don't stand a chance against the Devils right. The Mighty Pittsburgh offense could only muster one goal against the Devil, but Fleury would make sure that was all that was needed. It took Fleury 37 saves to earn the shut out as the Pens only had 18 shots, but that doesn't seem bad because they won i guess.

After shutting out the Penguins, the Montreal Canadiens face off in Pittsburgh and beat the Pens 3-2. The Pens actually played a good game against the Habs only to fall a goal short. It hurts me to say it Carey Price won that game in the 3rd period, other than the fact that the Penguins have trouble hitting the net.

The Pens will get every thing together and make a run run i'm sure of it. This win one lose one won't last for much longer.

Go Pens

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