Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Par for the Course Pens Lose

The 1st period started off well for the Penguins, they were matching the intensity of the Bruins the entire 1st period. The Bruins Rattled off the first off many 1st period shots at the 18:55 mark and Fleury gobbled it up. Talbot would have a beautiful chance soon after, coming all alone and Thomas makes a nice Poke check to knock the puck off of Talbots stick. Sykora was launching shots from everywhere on the ice only to have Thomas pad them away.

The Bruins would dive to their first of many penalties, Eaton heads to the box on a hooking call giving the Bruins a man advantage. Cooke would get the best of the chances, he comes in alone and Thomas would shit out another big save. still 0-0 and the Pens would kill off the Bruins Penalty.

Fleury would continue to come up big for the Pens with another big save at the 12:00 mark knocking the Puck away from an empty net. The goal probably would not have counted but the way the refs called this game, i wouldn't trust it. 2 minutes later Fleury would have to make 2 more saves to keep the game even. stopping a wrist shot from the circle and then sliding over to stop the rebound attempt by Kessel.

The 7:21 mark see the second Penalty of the game and the Second Penalty by the Penguins as Sykora throws the Puck over the board for a delay of game Penalty. The Pens would kill that one off.

At 3:00 of the first period the Penguins would get on the board first as Sykora puts a rebound Past Thomas to give the Pens the much needed first goal of the game.

Soon after the goal the Pens would draw their first power play of the game. The Bruins kill it with ease and the first period would end with the Pens leading 1-0.

The second period slowed down a little as the teams fell into playing their systems and trying to create some turnovers. Orpik would get an interference penalty early and give the Bruins their 3rd penalty of the night, and 20 second later Chara would sneak in the back door to tie the game up. that pass just can't happen. to easy. 1-1

Crosby and Malkin put on a show at the 12:00 mark that almost results in a goal, Thomas had to make a few good saves to keep the game tied. Crosby and Malkins shift would result in Malkin called for being to good and the refs don't like it.

What usually happens when the refs screw up a call. The Bruins take the lead. 2-1 Bruins on a bullshit call. That won't be the last bullshit call the Refs make.

The 7:00 mark the Pens maybe put out the best shift of the game, But again Thomas was there to make the saves his team needed. Thomas is making saves, the Refs are giving them all kinds of power plays, it's a win win situation if you ask me.

4:47 saw Dupuis rip one past Thomas from the circle. Croby steals the puck along the boards, passes it to Dupuis who fires a slapper past the ear of Thomas. 2-2 That was a wicked slapper.

It didnt take long for the Bruins to get it back. 3:15 the Kessel gives the Bruins a 1 goal lead. The Bruins get a gaol, the Penguins would get a penalty. 2 minutes later Malkin heads to the box on another bullshit interference call. The Pens kill it off easily, and the Bruins take a 3-2 lead to the Locker room.

The 3rd period is where the Penguins fall apart. Usually they only fall apart in the 3rd when the are ahead but not this time. The Pens would take another Penalty early, the Pens would kill that one.

Jordan Staal totally blows a shot off a 2 on 1. The entire net was wide open to the left of Thomas only to see Staal shoot it back into his pads. How lucky can a goalie get. That should have been an easy goal for Staal.

!5;56 the Pens get only their second power play of the night and it turned out to be just what the Bruins needed. The come down on a 35 on 1 against Fleury and they of course bury. 4-2 Pens.

The Bruins would get another Penalty that the Pens would kill just to get a goal 5 seconds after it was over making it 5-2 Bruins and put the game out of reach for the Pens.

Wallace would do some fighting and the Pens would do dome more 3rd period sucking...Game

Thankfully we are heading on the road.

Next game new years day against this douche bag Bruins team.


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