Thursday, January 1, 2009

This is Getting Old-The Pens Lose Again

Both teams head into the game starting their back up goalies. Fenandez for the Bruins and Sabourin for the Pens. Letang opens up the shot counter with a shot on net at the 19:00 mark that Fernadez easily stops. But it wouldn't take long for the Pens to get one by him, Jeffrey scores his first NHL goal 3 minutes into the game with a wrist shot from the slot that I dont think Fernandez saw at all. 1-0 Pens.

A minute or so later the Bruins tie it up with a nice deflection goal by some douche bag that got lucky. Krejci ties the game about a minute after the Jeffrey goal.

Like the last game it is both teams were playing a good game. The Pens get the first power play opportunity of the night 6 minutes into the game. Its getting to the point where you're just happy that the Pens don't give up a shorty. I don't even expect them to score on the power play anymore, and they didn't do anything to change my mind. the Bruins kill of the Penalty.

11:00 saw Goligoski wrists one to some lucky fan in the seats to earn him a 2:00 delay of game Penalty. and 40 seconds later the Bruins get a goal. It would be of the shitty version as the puck bounces of the entire Boston Bruins fan base before getting of Sabu's shoulder to make it 2-1 Boston.

Less than 2:00 minutes later the Bruins would get another Penalty. Max Talbot Looks at the Refs wrong or something. That was a terrible call if you ask me, but regardless the Pens have to try and kill it off, and they do just that.

Even Hockey until the 2:45 mark. The Bruins get called for a Penalty, i forget what for, but the Pens need a power play goal and again they don't get one. 0 for 2 in the game and 0 for ever in the last few games.

The 1st Period would end with you hating everything Boston.

The Second period had nothing going on for mush of the first half. the highlight was Malkin macking some chick from a womens hockey team.

10 minutes into the second period the Pens start putting it to the Bruins. 2 shift in the Bruins zone and the can't get anything out of it, Actually what they got out of it was another goal against as that Dick bag Lucic beat Sabourin with wrister to the top corner. After these to 2 games you hate Lucic with a passion. You can admit it, it's alright.

The Pens get a power play shortly after the Lucic goal. Here it is your thinking. this is the one. No dice. The Bruins kill it easily. The Pens are 0 for 3 on the game and down by 2. Your power play has to bail you out at some point. That's how its supposed to work.

The refs would return the favor with 4:45 left in the 2nd Period. The Bruins get a chance on the Power play. That would turn into a 5 on 3. The Pens win the first faceoff and clear the Puck. That faceoff win was huge. the only thing bigger was Rob Scuderi's penalty killing during the 5 on 3. Huge. The Pend would kill the 5 on 3 and that dick bag Lucic would end the 5 on 4 as he goes to the box. The Pens would skate 4 on 4 for 26 seconds before the could crank up their power play. Do i have to say how it turned out. 0-4

The 2nd Period comes to a close with you hating life and everything about it.

The Pens come out in the 3rd period high on something, they were putting it to the Bruins at every aspect of a hockey game. The refs sensed that the Pens had something going and were about to score. So they make up some news rules and whistle Matt Cooke for an interference penalty. That was another terrible call. The Pens kill it and go right back to pressing Boston.

Fedotenko pisses in the refs face and gets a goal a little over 7 minutes into the period. A nice pass from Malkin to Satan in the Neutral zone and A sick pass up to Fedo at the front of the net. The Pens cut the Bruins lead to 1 goal. you could feel it.

The Refs again try to help out the Bruins cause by Calling Matt Cooke again on that new rule they made up. The Pens have to kill another penalty. Malkin gets a chance shorthanded that The 12'-5" player hooks him the entire way to the net. No Call. The Pens would end up killing the penalty, but after the last to the refs called, you have to call the one on Chara.

Savard would give the Pens one more chance on the Power play. he heads to the box for hooking. Some good chances, but the pens do nothing as far as the score board. the Bruins kill it.

Boston would add an empty netter at the end of the game to give them a 4-2 win, and send the Pens home with another loss after playing a good game.

It will turn around. GO PENS

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