Friday, January 30, 2009

What the Hell???Pens Lose

The Pens coming off a 6-2 ass beating of the New York Rangers on Wednesday night are gonna try and cool down a hot Devils team.

The Game starts bad for the Pens as Kris Letang heads to the box 14 seconds in for a hooking call. The Pens kill of the Penalty but not without Fleury having to bail them out a time or 2. The Devils continue walking on the Pens at even strength. Boucher breaks his stick trying to make a pass out of his own zone and gives it away in the slot, Fleury has to make a big pad save to keep the game scoreless. Steigy assumed it was blocked by Orpik, Fsn must have assumed he was a good Announcer.
The 1st half of the period belonged to the Devils, The Penguins couldn't get their legs under them. Minard takes a delay of game penalty at 12:42 giving the Devils their second penalty of the game. The Pens would kill this one off a little easier than the first one.
The Pens get the first goal of the game at 10:27. Whitney fires a slap shot from the point that Talbot deflects behind Clemmenson. With the way this game has been going that goal was of the huge variety.
20 seconds later Malkin finds Crosby for a backhander that give the Pens a 2 goal lead.
The 2 goal lead wouldn't last long, Bobby Holik cut the lead in half with a backhander that goes through the 5 hole. Can this guy please retire some time soon. What a goon.
a minute later Minard almost gets the goal back. The Puck gets through Clemmenson but Madden gets to it before it goes across the line.
5:47 the pens have to kill of a Brooks Orpik Penalty to keep the lead. Of all times to hit someone coming out of the box for a breakaway. Orpik comes in on Clemmenson and misses the net. He does draw a hooking Penalty, which is almost as good. Orpiks heroic effort goes with nothing to show for it as the Devils easily kill off the Penalty.
The first period end with the Devils severely out playing the Pens, but finding themselves down by a goal.

The second period was nothing. Other than the Pin ball effect in front of Fleury there was nothing. Holik shows us a time or 2 why he is nothing more than a Goon that sometimes lucks into a goal. He Cross checks Orpik for no reason that send him to the box. He cross checks Fleury for no reason that sends him to the box. I guess you can do that all you want if you know the Pens power play blows. It would have been sweet if the Pens would have made him pay. The 2nd period come to an end with Crosby taking a slashing Penalty with out making contact with anything, nice one refs.

The Pens kill the remaining time on the Crosby phantom slashing penalty to start the 3rd period.
Less 2 minutes in the Playoff hopes of the Pens falls to the ice in some obvious pain. Malkin gets impaled by his own stick. He Skates to the bench doubled over. That's not good for the Pens.
Malkin gives us another hint that he is invincible by not only getting back in the game but, scoring his 100th career goal at 11:25. The Pens are winning 3-1. This one is over???
8:05 Sykora gets called for hooking and makes things worse by bitching about and obvious bad call.
The Pens manage to kill off 4 seconds of the first penalty. The Devils get a goal off the faceoff to make it a one goal lead for the Pens. This one isn't over yet, there is still another Penalty to kill.
The Pens survive the devils second power play, but it's obvious who has the momentum. The 1 goal lead would last all the way until 30 seconds left in the game, when Whitney decides to score in his own net. A fluky goal for sure. On to overtime.

Have the Pens ever played 4 on 4 Hockey? That had to be the worst display of overtime hockey i've seen. Giveaway after giveaway. It was only a matter of time before the Devils end it. I was surprised that it lasted 4 minutes.

The Pens turn 2 points into 1 point. It's better than nothing.

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