Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bad Bad Bad

So the Pens enter the All-star break on a sour note, all thanks to Cam Ward and the shitty saves he made last night. There was no recap because how many times can i say "good shot better save" before it gets boring.
Hopefully the Pens can take this week break to do some soul searching and come up with a few answers about why they can't seem to play a solid game of hockey. The window to turn this season around is closing faster than your girlfriends legs when you tell her she could shed a few pounds.
Have the Pens already turned the season around? The Pens entered last nights game winning 3 of 4 and other than a few giveaways they played a decent game. The Goalies are the great equalizer and last night proved it, other than a shitty goal by Malkin, Cam Ward was unbeatable. Maybe Tommy Barrasso has a lot to do with the way Ward has turned his career around. Surely nobody from Pittsburgh would give him any credit, they didn't when he was playing.
The players need a break after a greuling schedule and the fans need a chance to shake it off and regroup.

Go Pens

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