Monday, January 5, 2009

Thats a Good Joke Tell Me Another One

Another joke game that doesn't deserve a recap. The game started out about as bad as you could ask for. Max Talbot takes a Penalty 30 seconds into the game and Dawes scores 30 seconds later giving the Rangers an early lead.

Things would look up 3 minutes later when Brooks Orpik gets a stick to the face. 4:00 of Power play time for the Pens. Crosby was Possessed early in the power play, He was robbed by Lundqvist with a pad save, then hit a Pipe to the right of the Rangers goalie. To top that off he draws another Penalty to give the Pens a full 2 minutes of 5 on 3. The Rangers kill all but 2 seconds of the 5 on 3 and Jordan Staal makes sure to end any chance at a 5 on 4 as he takes a ridiculous Penalty in front of the net. There is a reason why he isn't a regular on the Power play.

There were matching Penalties at the 13:30 mark, i forget who, but it was 4 on 4 hockey for 2 minutes, that amounted to about as much as that condom you carried in your wallet to look cool in High school.

To Continue his offensive prowess Jordan Staal misses a wide open net on a 2 on 1. It would have been a sure goal. Yet another missed opportunity for the Pens offensive machine that has scored a spectacular 1 goal in the last 2 games.

5 minutes left in the period and the Pens send their power play back out onto the ice. I don't know what is worse constantly watching this team not able to set anything up, or they finally get a good shot and completely miss the net, Either way the pens power play needs some serious help.

22 seconds left in the Period the Pens get yet another chance to tie the game up with their power play. No dice so far, the Penalty will carry over into the second Period.

With 1:35 of Power Play time to work with to start the second the Penguins take the ice, and like always the Pens finally get something set up, the puck slides out to the slot, Letang launches a slap shot, Lundqvist doesn't need to make a save as Letang shot way wide. The Rangers end up killing the rest of the Penalty. Another missed opportunity.

4 minutes later Staal continues his dominance of not being able to score goals, he missed the net again on a centering pass from behind the net. Staal breaks his stick in anger. Thats what all the talented players do, Blame the Stick.

The Rangers would get a power play opportunity 10 seconds later. They would control the puck in the offensive zone but the Pens did a good job of keeping the play to the Perimeter and killing off the Rangers Penalty.

Maybe the best chance of the night for the Pens came at the 11:00 mark when Malkin and Sykora would enter the Rangers zone on a 2-0. Malkin elects to take Sykora out of the play by skating to the center of the ice and taking a wrist shot the Lundqvist easily shoulders away. Another miss opportunity.

7:25 the Pens an Rangers trade off Penalties again sort of. 4 on 4 Hockey that amounts to about as much as the last one.

Kalinin would beat Fleury cleanly at 3:40 only to have the Puck go of the crossbar. A licky bounce for the Pens finally, But 1 minute later it would take the Rangers about 3 seconds of Penalty time to get a goal, Paul Mara would bury one off a faceoff win. 2-0 Rangers

The Rangers would ensure themselves a 2-0 lead going into the locker room by taking a Penalty with 1:35 left in the second. You know your safe if you put the Pens on the Power play. What are they now 0 for 30 or something now.

End of the second; 2-0 Rangers

The 3rd starts with the pens on the Power play for 30 seconds. Malkin actually gets off a decent shot that Lundqvist steers away, before killing off the Penalty.

4 minutes into the Period the Rangers would get a power play of their own. Same thing, they keep the puck in the offensive zone, but nothing doing. The Pens kill it off.

The middle part of the 3rd period was mud at best. The Rangers were playing their defensive system and the Pens were playing right into their hands. Not Really any excitement until the 8:00 mark when Brooks Orpik lays out Orr at center ice. They may have been the highlight of the game for me. it was a nice hit.

30 seconds later the Rangers would get revenge in the best way possible, by putting the Pens down by 3 goals. Letang Falls down making him late to his front of the net assignment and that Leaves Drury all alone to beat Fleury. It was a nice play i guess.

The Pens get a Power Play chance with 5:00 left in the game. Therrian pulls Fleury at the 3:49 mark to give the pens a 6 on 4. That didn't work either, the Pedro gets an empty net goal to make if 4-0 and to officially give the pens their 5th loss in as many games. I don't know about that move to pull Fleury, but at this point i am willing to try anything.

Godard and Orr go at it at the 3:00 mark. Orr maybe got the best of him. he threw more punches and knocked godard to the ice.

And finally Miro Satan gets a chance to play. He gets a late Penalty to give the Rangers a chance to embarrass the Pens even more. The Pens kill the Penalty. Game.

The Pens are having a hard time at just about ever aspect of hockey right night. They are falling to the ice at inopportune times, They are having trouble receiving passes. They look like it's a Sunday afternoon pond hockey game where everyone is just divided into teams. It not good right now for sure.

GO Pens

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