Tuesday, January 6, 2009

"you can't really think about it" WTF!!

When asked why they are 12 for 71 on the power play this is all Sid can say!! I would think MAYBE you should put some thought into it SID. MAYBE you could say "look at some tape and see who is turning the puck over just about every time he touches it...MALKIN" or "FLUERY, stay in front of the net, you are not Ty Conklin ". Maybe you should quit worrying about saying the right thing all the time and start bashing some heads. Leading by example doesn't work for everything, grow a set and and make use of the C on your sweater and fix our team.

Maybe you are doing these things behind closed doors but nothing motivates more than a little public humiliation. Besides anything has to be a better answer than "you cant really think about it".

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