Friday, January 2, 2009

His is Coming

Was it dirty? This could happen to any player on any given night, but we Pens fans know how he goes after Malkin everytime he's in town.

There was no Penalty on the play.

Well you can scratch one dealine rumor off your list this year, Marian Gaborik will have season ending hip surgery. About 10 weeks he will be out according to TSN.

It will be nice to See Gonchar back on the powerplay. This is the first step. He finally has taken the ice after having shoulder surgery from a pre-season hit that some wanna be NHLer delivered to impress his caoch.

The Winter Classic went off with out a hitch on New years Day. Although i hate the fact that the Reddicks won the game, it was a great game to watch. Chicago was rockin some kick ass throwbacks also.

The Pens have an afternoon game tomorrow against the Panthers of Florida. Even though the Pens can't get up for afternoon games, I'm saying the end to the losing streaks comes tomorrow.


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