Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Go Fuck Yourself Philadelphia

Seriously, the way things are going right now, did anyone give the Pens a chance tonight, But they came out on a mission and they couldn't have picked a better game to do it. I know they only have one win in the last 8 or so games but tonights win erases all of that because it was against the the flyers. Like i say, if the Pens lose every game but when they play the Fleyrs its a good season in my book.
Good things have to come tonight, its Marc Andre Fleurys 200th game.

1st Period:

The Period started off with the Pens getting the first scoring chance when the puck gets tipped into the goal crease and Biron falls to his knees and somehow sits on the puck. He had no idea where it was or what he was doing. I'm ashamed to say that he was solid in the beginning, but his true colors would eventually come out.
The douche bag flyers fans boo Crosby as soon as he steps on the ice, do you automatically become retarded when you decide to be a flyers fan.

The Flyers would get a 2 on 1 under a minute into the game when Orpik gets caught pinching at the blue line, Richards and some other douche bag comes in on Fleury, Richards didn't see anyone close to him so he couldn't dive to draw a penalty so nothing came out of it.

Malkin gets a chance about 4 minutes in when he steals a break out pass and fires a slap shot that goes wide of the net.

The Flyers would get the first goal of the game when Fleury miss handles a routine dump in and the puck goes out in front of the net. Knuble get the easy goal. thats just bad luck, which the Pens are all to familiar with. 1-0 dickheads.

a minute or so later Cote decides he wants another ass beating by Goddard. The 2 go at it and that's just what happens. Goddard lands about 8 or 10 before the refs jump and save Cote from being in the ICU.

The Flyers would get another chance at the 9:41 mark when Whitney gives it up on a clearing attempt, but again the Flyers blow.

Satan would get the first Penalty of the game 12 minutes in for hooking somebody. 2 minute Penalty to, and it pains me to say, one of the best power plays in the game. The Pens kill it beautifully. The aggressive Penalty kill had the Flyers guessing.

Sykora gets a chance to the right of Biron. The Puck would get under Biron but go wide of the net. That's the luck for the Pens.

Tyler Kennedy would even it up for the pens, with a back hand goal through traffic that hops over Birons stick and into the net. 1-1. The Flyers don't know what to do. Paul Bissonet would get his first NHL point on the goal. To Celebrate he beats the shit out of Asham less than 10 seconds later. The Pens are 2-0 fighting tonight.

The first period would end 1-1.

That had to be the best effort I've seen from the Pens all season.

Malkin and Crosby start the second period out with a goal. Crosby steals the puck on a strong backcheck, dishes to Malkin, who fires a shot the kisses the inside of the pipe and the back of the net. 2-1 Pens.
The next 5 or six minutes is a lot of Neutral zone trapping and the Flyers turning it over. but nothing to talk about until the 13:19 when the Pens draw a penalty. I don't know if this is a good thing or a bad thing. The Flyers have 13 shorty's so far this season. 30 seconds left in the penalty, Malkin trips Hartnell or Hartnell dives. Nobody knows so lets call them both. That's one thing i don't like, it's either a trip of a dive, why does it always have to be both. Nobody scores, the Flyers kill it off.

8:00 left in the 2nd Crosby and cooke almost burn down the city of Brotherly love with a sweet give and go that Sid can't finish, but Staal would give them the 2 goal lead on a semi breakway that he backhands over Birons glove hand. 2-1 Pens. Maybe Staal was just pissed that he didn't have a big contract. He's been nothing shy of awesome since he signed.

The Period would end with Matt Cooke giving the Pens a 3 goal by chipping in a rebound off a Crosby wrap around attempt. 4-1 Pens. The Flyers still suck.

With the recent suck fest the Pens are on right now, there is noway you could consider this game being in the bag to start the third period, and the Pens have to weather a storm early to make it even more interesting. Fleury has to make a few big save early in the period.
Staal has a good chance for an insurance goal but rings it off the crossbar.

The Pens would settle down and get back to the system that got them the 3 goal lead and keep the Flyers at bay.

Letang got a chance with 12:30 to go in the game, but he fires a slapper from the slot wide of the net. Letang can not hit the net. 45 seconds later Lupul would cut the lead to 2 goals by closing his eyes and golfing one in. 4-2 Pens.

The rest of the game was nothing more than the Pens shutting down the Neutral zone until 6 minutes left when the Flyers start taking Penalties. The Pens weren't trying to score, they were trying to prevent a shorty.

The game end with a 4-2 pens win and me wondering if Mike Richards even played, but thats alright Flyers fans, you keep chanting Crosby sucks.

I'm not very good at recaps, but this one has to be the worst one i've ever done. Enjoy everybody.

GO Pens

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