Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Movin' on Up

Malkin is making his assault on the all-star voting. It shouldn't be to long before he is in the spot right behind Crosby. Pissing off Habs fans should be a sport.

The game last night between the Pens and Sabres raises a lot of questions that The Pens may not have the answers for. Coach T was not to pleased with the performance his team displayed on the Ice last night. It's easy to figure out what went wrong, The Defense was horrible, giving up the puck in their own zone and letting the Sabres easily gain the Blue line. Put a defense like that in front of a goalie who was fighting the Puck all night and you have a recipe for disaster.
The offense isn't off the hook either, trying to set up the perfect shot is one thing, but against Ryan Miller, you have to have someone in front of the net, that's how it works.

The biggest story coming out of last night was the weak power play the Pens are putting on the Ice. The full 5on 3 power play was a joke at best, sure Miller made a few nice saves. Their was not a penguin who made an effort to get to the front of the net. Malkin and Letang were launching bombs from the point, but if Miller sees them, he stops them. It seems I was all wrong about Ryan Malone, he was that player you could count on to stand in front of the net. He isn't worth the money Tampa is paying him, but maybe he will be missed more so than what i originally thought. Last night was a tough loss that didn't sit well with any of us Penguin fans, and i'm sure the coaching staff and management feel the same way.

A good thing to come out of last nights game is Ben Lovejoy. i thought he played solid for his first NHL game. Breaking up a 2 on 1 in front of Sabourin was impressive, I didn't see him get caught out od position like most rookie defensemen are guilty of, and the wrister from the circle was incredible. Malkins offensive performance in the first period was fun to watch. The play on the first goal changed my life forever. That's about it for good things to come out of Last nights game.

The Post Gazette is reporting that The Leagues slowest defensman Hal Gill will be out 2 to 4 weeks with a right shoulder injury. Shouldn't they have said an "upper body injury". Someone is gonna pay for that mistake.
Whitney is practicing with the team and could be back later on this month. Thats definately some welcome news. Fleury is also practicing and may return for Saturdays game. See, it's not all bad news coming out of the penguins camp.

Next game tomorrow. Vote for Mlakin

GO Pens

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