Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Bright Spot

There is always a bad taste in my mouth for days after the Pens lose. Especially against the Flyers. For years, everytime the Pens would release the season schedule i would go through and circle all the Flyers games. Such classless players and such retarded fans. Every Crosby sucks chant coming from the stands proves how clueless Philly is, and now they are booing Malkin, simply amazing to me.

All those Flyers fans having a good time watching the Pens sleep walk through one of the biggest games in the schedule have to realize that when its all said and done, they still reside in Philly. Thats gotta be a huge kick to the balls the next morning, almost as bad as waking up beside the fat girl and not being able to find the condom wrapper anywhere.

But to be honest the Flyers are playing some of there best hockey right now, which I know isn't much, and the pens are playing some of their worst Hockey right now, It's still tough to see the Pens leave Philly with a loss like that. So with that being said the bright spot of this joke of a game is, who am i kidding there is no way to take anything positive from a game like that. The Pens could lose every game this season except for the the 6 Philly games and i would walk away saying, "that was a pretty good season". So unitl we meet again Flyers.

There are some good things to look forward to for the Penguins, for one, Fleury will be back in net on Thursday against the Thrashers. Sabourin was starting to come unglued toward the end of this last stretch.

Ryan Whitney is gonna try to be back by Christmas, it will be nice to see Whits back on the Blueline. Now if we could only get Gonch back, the power play would be back to producing goals not just wasting 2:00 minutes of a hockey game.

And now the Penguins scouts can finally get back to following The Minnesota Wild, and seeing if there are any interesting free agents to go after.

Next Game Wednesday against Colby and the Thrashers..........GO PENS

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