Friday, December 12, 2008

That Was a Game: Pens Win

Were the Pens that good last night or were the Islanders that bad. The Pens ended a 3-game losing steak in dramatic fashion, Pascal Dupuis opened the scoring with a wicked slap shot that just over powered the Islanders goalie. That was just the start of what would turn into one of the most lobsided games you will see.

Miro Satan would follow that with a goal of his own with a nice play from a bad angle. like all 2 goal Pens leads, you were just waiting for the Islanders to wipe it out. They did cut it in half when Mark Steit beat Curry to make the game 2-1. This is where the Petr Sykora show starts. 11 seconds after the Islanders goal Syko pots on to make it a 3-1 lead for the Pens.

At this point it didn't look like the Islanders were even on the Ice. The Pens were dominating every part of this game. Phillipe Boucher would cap off an explosive, 19 shoit first period with a bomb from the point that made it 4-1 at the end of the first period. 19 shots in the first period, There were a few games that the pens couldn't math that total at the end of regulation.

The Pens are coming into the 2nd Priod with a 3-goal lead. Sit back, play some good shutdown hockey and sit on this 3 goal lead? No dice! The Pens put it to them again getting 4 goals in the 2nd period also.

Malkin would start the scoring in the 2nd with a shot from a tough angle that beat the new Islanders goalie Danis, making it 5-1. The scores come across the screen and you see Carolina beating the Flyers 5-1, it is a good night for hockey. Soon after Malkin scores Sykora grabs his second goal of the night. thats 2 for Sykora, it's early, everybody is thinking the same thing.

Sykora would have his 1st career hat trick waved off, from the overhead it looked like the puck was in the net before the whistle but the refs may have been starting to feel bad. Sykora would be denied later in the period, when the best setup man in the league, would feed a pass to him in the fron of the net. Goal number 3 for Sykora. The Pens were juiced, the crowd knew what was going on.

Dupuis would finish the 2nd period with a his second of the night with just 33 seconds left in the period, it can't be. Dupuis with an entire period to get his first hat trick.

If you felt bad for the Islanders for sucking so bad, you would soon forget about it, as expected they started with the cheapshots in the 3rd period. Letang got the most of it. Is it just me or has Letang been getting his ass kick the last couple of games. So for all the cheapstuff the Islanders were dishing out, the Pens were putting PUcks in the net.

The Islanders would open up the 3rd period scoring with a meaningless goal. That was a mercy goal.

Dupuis would eventually get his 1st hat trick of his career of a fee from Matt Cooke. That would be the end of the scoring in the game. There will be a lot of People in Pittsburgh buying new hats today.

If you were pissed that the Pens didn't get the bounces against the Devils, they got everyone of them last night. what a game.

The Pens have been on the wrong side ofgames like that, it's definately not fun and the Islanders and their fans need forget about it.

And to put a little damper n the evening, philly came back from a 5-1 defecit to beat Carolina 6-5 in a shoot out.

Next Game against the hated Flyers on Saturday afternoon.

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