Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Pens Lose BIG

The Toronto Maple leafs came to play tonight and well, we are still waiting for the Pens to get there. Malkin was impressive other than the 2 give aways that lead directly to Maple Leaf goals. Fleury had a rough night, giving up a goal he normally stops on a few occasions. Crosby? Did he play tonight? I don't remember seeing him other than the 12 Cross checks he dished out to get himself a seat in the Penalty box.
You have to hand it to Toronto, they played the perfect game. They skated hard, created chances all night and the shot on goal differential was absurd.

There is plenty of hockey to be played this season and i think it's a little to early for to be worried about the Pens being 3 points away from not being in the playoffs.

And one final note, All you Bastards that no dick about Hockey but just have all kinds of money to throw around and buy tickets to the games, Don't boo my hockey team. Would you rather the Pens home ice be in Kansas City? There is nothing that pisses me off more than to hear shit like that.

GO PENS: Next game Monday against some other team.

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