Thursday, November 20, 2008

Do We Have to Play Them Again: Pens Win

1st Period:

17:27 Satan gets the first shot of the game, Pavelec eats it up.

17:01 Boucher goes to the box, The Thrashers own the first Power play of the Game.
Crusher puts a decent wrist shot on net, Sabourin is there. Christiansen does have a nice wrist shot, its just not often he hits the net with it.

15:19 Kozlov gets the first goal of the game, Sabourin makes a nice save on Kovalchuk, but kozlov puts the rebound in. 1-0 Atalanta
The Thrashers get another power play, the goal was scored on a delayed penalty, the Pens kill the second Penalty.

9:03 Satan evens the game up off of a nice feed by Dupuis, nice play by Satan to handle a hard pass. 1-1

Tyler kennedy rips on from the knoll, Pavelec is there.

Wow everybody was bitching about the Wild game being slow, there are some many whistles in this game it has the flow of an NFL game, the only thing missing is Big Ben throwing a couple picks.

Cooke hobbles to the bench after taking a slapshot of the skate, tape it up and get back out there.

Armstrong tries to lay Crosby out behind the net, not gonna happen Colby.

End of one:
**This game is sloppy on both ends, no flow at all.
**Atlanta has the better of the play so far, that isn't saying much

2nd Period:

17:43 Sabourin makes a big save on Reasoner, the game is starting to open up a little bit early in the 2nd Period.

17:05 Talbot takes a stick to the face, Pens get their 1st power play of the night. Pavelac makes some big saves. The 29th rated Penalty kill in the league kills it off.

14:08 Cooke lays out Kozlov, what a hit.

13:15 with the entire Thrashers team looking for a piece of Cooke, he Draws an interference call.

12:33 Reasoner heads to the box, the Penguins get a 5 on 3. Pavelac comes up huge as does the post. Oh my god the Thrashers goalie just got a drink of water while play was going on, unbelievable. the 29th rated Penalty kill and a water drinking goalie kill off the 5 on 3, and then eventually kill of the rest of the penalty.

10:28 The new guy heads to the box, this is not good, Atlanta has the momentum from a big Penalty kill, but the pens prevail.

7:36 Crosby gets a beautiful goal from a kennedy pass. 2-1 Pens.

6:11 Slater ties it up, Sabourin was calling for a do over, he wanted that one back 2-2

End of the 2nd:

**the later parts of the 2nd has some solid hockey going on.
**soubourin would probably want another look at the Slater goal.

3rd Period:

Letang Destroys White in the Corner, he didn't know his name after that, what a hit.

18:49 Sabourin shuts the door on Kovalchuk on a semi-breakaway.

10:12 Dupuis heads to the box for hooking. Pens kill it with ease.

5:12 Sabourin stones Christiansen from the faceoff dot, Seconds later sabourin has to come up big again on Reasoner, how he made that save he probably can't tell you. insane

3:44 Crosby draws a Penalty behind the net, Pens go on a power play.

2:40 The Pens cash in on the Power play, Sykora deflects a Crosby shot. 3-2 Pens. huge

:40ish The Thrasher pull their goalie for the extra attacker, no dice


**Its a win against the Thrashers, take it for what its worth.....2 points

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