Friday, November 28, 2008

We Need to BE down By 3 Going into the Third: Pens Lose

Get of the Ice Andrechuk, we have a hockey game to play.
Bob Errey mentions that is Fleury's birthday. get back Fleury.

17:42 The Pens own the 1st power play chance of the game. and it is par for the course, Crosby has to backcheck his balls off to stop a 2 on 1. Sabres kill the Penalty easy.

12:49 Talbot, which I didn't think was playing tonight, goes to the box along with some Buffalo d-bag. 4 on 4 hockey for 2 minutes.

9:30 The 3rd line gets it started for the Pens, Matt Cooke makes a beautiful pass to Kennedy for the 1st goal of the game. 1-0 Pens

8:35 It didn't take long, the Sabres tie it up with the same play the Pens used to get the 1st goal. Afiniginov to Stafford 1-1

7:49 Satan misses a sweet opportunity to deposit a rebound, off the side of the net. you gotta put that in Satan

6:21 Penguins get another Power Play, or as i like to call it, a waste of 2 minutes. Goligoski buy a penalty. The Sabres kill that Penalty with their eyes closed, they didn't break a sweat.

3:52 Dupuis draws a Penalty on a break away, Bob Errey wanted a Penalty shot. I have to agree, anything to keep the power play off the ice would be a good thing for the Penguins right now. Satan makes it east on the Sabres, he gets called for a hook that negates the rest of the Pens Power Play. 4 on 4 hockey for the next 30 seconds.
The Pens kill of the rest of the Sabres Power Play.

End of the 1st Period:

**The Penguins Power Play is not clicking right now.
**New Goaltender John Curry is starting his 1st NHL game.
**Did i mention the Pens Power play sucking right now

2nd Period:

19:03 Staal steals the puck in front of the net, Miller makes a save without seeing anything.
Curry makes a huge save on the other end. this why i like the Pens VS Sabres, up and down action, Western teams should watch this one.

16:40 Satan takes a hard hit from behind. 2 minute Power play for the Penguins, as usual, the Penalty killers get the better of the chances, Curry makes a huge save. Malkin takes a hooking Penalty in the Process, 4 on 4 hockey for 30 seconds. The Penguins end up killing the Sabres Power play.

8:28 Orpik Ends a Sabres Life against the Boards, he goes to the box for intereference.
a Power play goal by some d-bag Sabre 2-1 Buffalo.

7:05Crosby Ties the game up, batting the Puck out of the air, What a goal. Bob Errey informs us that Crosby practices that constantly. 2-2

4:41 Brooks Orpik draws a hooking Penalty driving to the net, yes that's what i said, Orpik draws a hooking Penalty driving to the net. Coach T tries to decline the Penalty but no dice, the Pens are forced to send their Power Play out. and yes the Sabres kill it off.

2:23 Hal Gill gets called for something. 2:00 Power Play for the Sabres. Vanek miises the wide open net behind Curry. Vanek Pisses himself and trips up Letang. 4 on 4 hockey

1:09 Crosby scores on 4 on 4 hockey, another Nice goal by Sid. 3-2 Pens

:29 Pominville head to the box, another Pens power play. 4 on 3 for a few seconds, then a 5 on 3.

End of the 2nd Period.

**is Curry the next Ty Conklin?
**Crosby is playing the way we are used to seeing him play.
**According to Steigy everything a hockey player does is on purpose.

3rd Period:

The Penguins will start the 3rd Period with a 2-man advantage
I know its hard to believe but the Sabres kill off the Penalty.

16:47 The Sabres tie it up. 3-3

The middle of the 3rd was some solid up and down action, just nothing happened that was important enough to write down.

7:46 we get to see Curry's glove hand, what a save to keep the game tied.
Curry has been making some huge saves, he's gonna have to go score a goal also because the Pens are playing some bad hockey right now. There are to many turnovers in the Neutral zone and right inside their blue line

3:24 and there it is, the Sabres take the lead on a give away. The way the Pens were playing it was only a matter of time. Curry can only do so much 4-3 Sabres

The Pens pull Curry for the extra attacker, and had a good chance to tie it up but the ref decided to blow the whistle. Game Pens lose

**Curry had a strong game
**The Penguins just looked bad in the 3rd Period.
Next Game tomorrow against the Devils.

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