Tuesday, November 18, 2008

JOKE: Pens Lose

Its nice to hear that Keith Jones can pronounce Goligoski now, what a dick.

1st Period:
Jordan Staal gets the first shot of the game, a wrister easily gloved by Backstrom. The third line has picked up right where they left off last game.

The Pens own the Minnesota Wild early on. Orpik has a nice hit on Koivu behind the net.

12:03 Zigomanis finally scores one off the faceoff, wrong net. I'm not sure how that got through Sabourin, but Brunette gets a goal without ever touching the puck. 1-0 Wild

11:53 Matt Cooke bails out his goaltender, Ties the game up with a goal: 1-1
3rd Line=beast

9:25 We get our 1st look at the new guy, it's nice to see he isn't afraid to get in front of a shot.

Somemore Pens owning the Wild ensues. i thought this Wild team was known for their Defense, looks to me Like it has more to do with the Goaltending, or are the Pens that good.

2:40 The Wild get the first power play of the game. Letang heads to the box for a trip.
The Wild have a solid power play, keeping the Pens in their own zone for most of it, but only registering 1 shot. The Pens kill it.

Right after the Wild power play Malkin gets a Semi break away. no dice. We all know what he usually does on a breakaway, nothing.

The Wild almost get one past Sabourin at the buzzer.

End Of ONE:

** This is surprisingly fun to watch, considering the Wild system, maybe because the Pens are putting it to them
** Probably the softest goal given up by a Penguin Goaltender, Sabourin looks like he is fighting the Puck a little bit.
**Has the top line made to the offensive zone yet, Seems like they can't get the Puck out of the Wild zone.

2nd Period:

18:15 Sykora gets a solid chance from right in front. No dice, Backstrom is there.

17:16 Crosby makes a beautiful pass to Talbot, again Backstom is there. The ensuing faceoff is why by Zigomanis to Dupuis again Backstop is there.

15:26 Staal is pissed off and wants to beat someones ass, Reitz is the unlucky Candidate. unlike Staals last fight, this wasn't just a wrestling match for 1:30. Staal landed a few before he fell to the ice.

13:38 The Post behind Sabourin come up big with 2 saves from right in front. The 1st shot gets a post to the right of Sabourin and the rebound shot gets the Post to the left of Sabourin, wow, what save.

It seems like since the Staal fight the ice has tilted in the Wilds favor, as they are getting the better of the play.

8:49 Too many men on the ice Penalty for the Wild. i actually cringed thinking about what The Pensblog is gonna show for this one. The Pens Power play was a joke, Goligoski got a shot on net that my dog could have stopped.

(Champ makes that save every time)

I guess thats why they have the best Penalty kill in the league

6:26 Malkin gets hit in the face with the puck. The Season is lying on the ice behind the net. Malkin heads to the locker room.

The Pens start to pick up the Pace, a turnover by the Wild, Talbot elects to shoot on the 2 on 1 with Crosby, I bet he knew Crosby was gonna go 5-hole' Backstrom was there.

Crosby gets a solid chance late, but nothing doing, can he shoot at a corner?

End of TWO

** Sabourin looked like he settled down a bit for the Second.
**It Was cool to see Staal fight, but leave that to the players that aren't scoring right now.
**Backstrom is a beast

3rd Period:

Sabourin is forced to make a save early.

The Pens top lines get some things going in the Wild zone, Then it looks like Crosby just quit, he easily slides a pass over to the Wild so they can take it the other way. It looked bad to me.

16:01 Staal draws another Penalty, Minnesota have been slashing him all night. what gives
The Top power play unit was all over it this time, they should have got a goal, but no dice, Wild Kill it.

13:16 Sabourin plays a puck into the stands, 2:00 delay of game Penalty.
the Linesman gets hit with the puck and rolls around on the ice for a while in obvious pain, what a beast he's back on his skates. Pens kill the Penalty.

Satan almost gets one on Backstrom by the Obvious hook holds him up, no call, no goal
The Linesman ends up leaving the ice. you're no Daisy, you're no daisy at all.

7:11 Fedotenko draws an interference Penalty, What a pass with a skate by Malkin, just sick that it was, but it did no good Wild kill the Penalty.

1:18 Dupuis sends a bomb in on Backstrom, kicked to the corner, Malkin hammers one from the faceoff dot, outside of the post.
Sabourin had to come up with a huge ass kick save late in the period, what a save.

We are headed to overtime:

The extra period starts out with some back and forth hockey, i didn't think Minnesota knew how to play that type of game.

1:28 Burns gets called for a highsticking Penalty. 2:00 Pittsburgh Power play
What a joke of a 4 on 3 power play that was. The Pens manage one shot on net. The Wild kill it.


1st shooter: Sykora tries his patent backhander-glove save
2nd shooter: Zidlicky makes Sabourin look funny-goal
3rd shooter: Goligoski tries the move that won the game against Philly- no Dice
4th shooter: Meittinen wrister-glove save
5th shooter: Sidney Crosby, do i even have to tell you what happens. If Malkin isn't doing the shootout neither should Crosby, give someone else a chance.

**Atleast we got a point
**Solid game against a good defense
**Backstrom was the difference

GAME Pens lose

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