Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Things you've said got me real mad Pens WIn

1st Period:

It took about 3 minutes for the action to start in this one, Sykora blasts a wrister from the point that just misses high.

Hossa on the other end rips a slapshot that Fleury shrugs off with ease. Is that all you got Hossa.

15:26 Talbot steals, dishes to Satan, Satan to Crosby. money 1-0 Pens.

Redwings get a 2 on 1 Goligoski breaks it up like a true veteran, what a defensive play.

11:41 Here starts a little bit of Penalty trouble for the Pens, Goddard heads to the box for elbowing. The Pens give the best Power play in the league a chance to cash in, no dice, the Pens kill it.

Fleury makes a huge save on Zetterdick, fleury has come up big a few times already.

6:39 Darren McCarty scores off a pass from Letang. 1-1. Seriously Darren McCarty, You gotta be kidding me.

6:17 Zigo goes to the box for tripping, soon after Detroit makes him pay, Goal by that fat ass that always stands in front of the net 2-1 Reddicks. Is that all that d-bag can do. no skill

:31 Detroit gets another Powerplay.

End of one.

2-1 Redwings
The start of the Period was pretty even, it shifted towards the Redwings for the 2nd half.

2nd Period:

The Pens start the period off on the Penalty kill, and it didn't take long. Orpik gets turned around a few time before another fat ass with no skill puts it in the back of the net (18:51) 3-1 Redwings. Somehow you see Letang in the box right after the Franzen Goal, what gives? No harm, the Pens kill it.

15:56 It didn't take long for the Pens to get that one back, Sykora throws the puck in front, it goes of Talbots Skate and behind the worst goalie to ever win a stanley cup. 3-2 Redwings

14:40 The Pens go on a power play, the Redwings get the better of that one, Hossa goes in on Fleury on a Semi break away, big save by fleury. The wings kill it.

The 2nd was filled with a lot of back an forth action, Fleury is coming up big for the Pens, and Elroy is getting lucky at the other end

1:58 Goal by Datsyuk, That same fat ass was standing in front of Fleury 4-2 Redwings.
would that douche bag do that back before you weren't allowed to touch them. He wouldn't stand in front of Barasso i know that.

End of the 2nd Period:

4-2 Redwings
This has been the best game so far this season.

3rd Period:

The Period starts out with Fleury making a big save.

Sykora shoots a bomb from the slot he misses wide. Franzen takes it the other way, another big save by Fleury.

16:27 Crosby goes to the box for something. the fans in Detroit are such idiots. but the brightside is, at least the are there. you dont see that every game in Homo town.

14:57 Zetterdick Gets a goal off an "artistic play" 5-2 Redwings. Not looking good.

14:25 The refs realize that Penalties go both ways, Pittsburgh goes on the power play.

14:20 5 on 3 for the Pens, They have to get a goal on this power play.

13:03 Malkin does not disapoint, what a shot, Elroy wasn't even close 5-3 wings.
Since i don't get to see a lot of Detroit games, is Osgood really as good as some seem to think? He has never impressed me.

11:57 Staal, for the 2nd game in row gets a nice goal, again Osgood just doesn't seem to be close. 5-4 wings. the Pens make it a game.

9:46 Hudler Gets a goal off a slapshot that Fleury gets a piece of, Fleury would probably like to have that one back, but it was aa wicked shot. 6-4 Wings, Back Breaker.

i didnt Catch the clock: Staal Buries his 2nd of the game 6-5 Pens. At the moment a dozen trade rumors just got deleted.

a little over a minute left the Pens pull fleury for the extra attacker, we've seen this before.

:30 Crosby with a beautiful backhander, Osgood trips and falls to the ice and the puck hits him. He never even saw it.

:22 Staal ties the game with a shot from right in front with 75 redwings in front of the net. How that got through is beyond me. 6-6, Staal gets his 1st hat trick since, i dont even remember, i know he has at least one.

:04 Jordan Staal draws a Penalty in Crosby like fashion. Keep your feet moving.


The pens start the overtime period on a 4 on 3 power play. some solid chances. The Detroit defense blocks a lot of shots, Osgood falls into a save or 2, Malkin misses a wide open net, the Wings kill it.

Jordan Staal Picks the pocket of Datsyuk, if you listen to the versus people, Datsyuk is the best player to ever lace 'em up in the NHL.
Staal passes to Fedotenko who buries it for the game winner, we've seen that before from those 2, i think it was the Carolina game.

Pens win 7-6. What a game, if you missed this game, you missed one of the best.

*is it Possible to say Fleury had a solid game even though he gave up 6?
*Every rumor site on the net just deleted every Staal rumor that they had
*Marian Hossa is no Jordan Staal
*what a game, this was just impressive.

Next Game Thursday against the Flyers, We will be in touch with our Philly insider tomorrow.


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