Wednesday, November 5, 2008

There's Nothing Better to Do

While the Pttsburgh Penguins sit idle, there really isn't much to talk about.
We could talk about how good the Pens are at playing soccer. Jordan Staal got the game winning goals imagine that one.

but i would rather talk trash on some of the players on the all-star ballot:

Some bigs names in the East will not be going due to injury, normaly Brodeur and Depietro would be a lock for the East but they are both hurt, so that should open up the way for a first time all-star. With Names like Lundqvist, Fleury, Miller, Price, Toskala, and Vokoun, Biron's name just looks out of place, i don't think he has played at an all star level yet.

The Defenseman from the East are interesting also, it takes Gonch shoulder surgery for him to finally make it to the all-star ballot, after being snubbed on aruably the best season of his career in the 2007/2008 campaign.
Teppo Numminen of the Buffalo Sabres, maybe if this was 5 or 6 years ago, its clear that Teppos best games are behind him.
I'm a huge Penguins fan but why is Ryan Whitney on there, he hasn't played this season and last season definately wasn't anything to write home about,(excluding the playoffs of course) Whitney will have many all-star appearances but, this year he shouldn't be on the ballot.

The Forwards i can agree with for the most part, but again Danny Briere is a Flyer so he should be scratched off the list, this is my blog so my rules, no flyers, unless maybe if they add another event to the skills competition to find the best Diver or cheapshot artist, Briere and Richards definately fit that bill.

Whats so special about Alexander Semin, sure he scored a few goals already this season, 8 goals and 9 assists or something like that, but that's nothing really, last season he played in 63 games for a grand total of 42 points and was a -18, lets compare him to say... Crosby's 2007/2008 season and we see a slight difference. How interesting Crosby played in 10 fewer games than Semin last year and has a point total of 72 and was a +18. Whats so Special about Semin.
I know why Ovechkin is on there, because he beat Billie Jean King in a tennis match or something to that effect.

Senators Heatley and Aflredsson are both on the Ballot and Rightfully so, but the interesting thing is whoever gets the most votes has to drive the other one to the game, if Heatley gets more votes it could spell disaster for Alfredsson.

That's my take on a few of the players we will vote for to go to Montreal for the all-star game, like i say time and time again, if you take things seriously around here, you're making a big mistake.


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