Thursday, November 6, 2008

Did That Just Happen-Pens Win

1st Period:

18:30 The Pens come out flying, almost like they had 2 months to prepare for this game or something,
Satan steals the puck in the Neutral zone and brings it the other way, dishes to Talbot, Talbot shoots Satan deflects just wide of the net.

Crosby gathers the puck and puts it just wide on the backhand, this line so far is on acid or something.

Edmonton takes it back the other way, some douche bag is wide open in front of mafer, big save.

Garon makes another big save on Crosby from a rebound chance, how does that puck not go in the net....unreal.

Dupuis gets the puck in the slot, he shoots, he fans. who would have thought.

14:12 Godard vs. Macintire, it was almost a fight, Godard puts the beat down, Macintire has to go to locker room to clean up some blood.

13:54 the first penalty of the game is called on Darryl Sydor for holding, the Oilers head to the power play. your goaltender has to be your best penalty killer and Fleury was just that, making 3 solid saves. Souray has a bomb from the point.

10:46 The first goal of the game belongs to the penguins, Miro Satan buries a rebound from Crosby, the stick between his legs to make that shot, if you have ever played hockey, you have tried that shot.

7:50 Zigo and Tyler Kennedy almost make history, a few nice passes before the shot gets blocked in front.

7:13 Malkin steals at the blue line, takes it the other way, makes a nice move to get to the back hand only to have the shot blocked again in front.

5:53 Letang gets caught laying the lumber, 2 minutes for slashing Penner

4:02 Crosby steals the puck, goes down the wing shoots low far side, rebound kicks out to Talbot..shorty. 2-0 Pens

3:00 Malkin makes a few Oilers defensemen look like little girls, Garon makes the save.

2:12 Macintire destroys Letang, Letang will learn not to admire his passes as much.
Macintire must have learned his lesson, he makes souray get in between him a Godard.

somehow Godard is in the Penalty box, i didn't see him do anything wrong.

1st intermission 2-0 pens

*the Penguins are Flying tonight
*Max Talbot on the top line is impressive to say the least
*Both goalies came up big early in the period

2nd Period:

The Top line picks up where they left off Crosby gets a backhander on net, Garon makes the save.

18:17 Sykora to Dupius to Malkin, big save by Garon.

15:44 Hal Gill heads to the box for a trip.
Fleury has to come up big early in the penalty kill
Talbot takes it the other way, save by Garon.
Pens kill the penalty. its about time for the penguins to get a power play don't you think.

The infamous Robbie Brown appears on the screen, brings back some memories.

12:55 Delayed Penalty, Malkin with a bomb from the point, Satan deflects it in for his 2nd goal of the game. 3-0 Pens
There were 2 penalties being called, the Satan goal cancels out one, so the pens go on the power play for the 1st time of the game.

8:36 Petr Sykora buries a beautiful play off the faceoff from Malkin, if you weren't paying attention you didn't see that. What a play. 4-0 Pens

7:09 the Pens go on another Power play.
6:57 Sykora buries another one off a rebound, That's Sykora's 2nd goal of the period 5-0 Pens
The Pens chase Garon, it will be the first over many times the Penguins Chase a goalie this season.

5:43 Fleury makes a couple big saves, you can here the crowd chanting.

1:27 The Oilers finally get one by Fleury. 5-1 Pens

2nd intermission:

*Crosby and Staal are all over the place, they should have a few goals themselves tonight.
*The Oilers are like a team full of Mark Recchi's, tunrover after turnover.

3rd Period:

Fleury Makes a nice save to start the Period.

19:29 Penner Goes to the box for being an idiot. Power Play for the Pens.
Crosby is robbed, He can't buy a goal right now, i cant remember a game when he was shooting this much.
Oilers kill the Penalty

16:35 Hemske scores for the Oilers. Fleury maybe should have had that one. 5-3 Pens
Matt Cooke is hitting everything, Trying to get the Momentum back on the Penguins side.

14:54 Cooke and Peckan throw down, Cooke got the worst of that one for sure.
Pecken ends up with a 5 minute major, Pens go on another power play.

a scrum in front of the net, 2 Oilers go to the box, and one Penguin. 5 on 3 for the Pens.
Talbot puts one off the pipe, Crosby Puts one of the Pipe, its just not gonna happen for Crosby tonight.

11:01 End of the 5 on 3 Corky from Life Goes On comes in on a breakaway..Goal 5-4 Pens.
Oiler kill the rest of the major.

Still a lot of hockey to play.

From the 8:00 mark until about the 5:30 mark, how many commercials was their.

2:43 The Pens go on another power play. as usual the Oilers kill it.

:45 the Oilers Pull their Goalie, put some pressure on. not really a good shot until the shot of the faceoff with 1.2 second left.

Game: Pens Escape with a win.

*Goligoski and Letang=Machines
*How big was the saves Fleury made early on.
*how big was the save Fleury didn't make on Hemske.
*Give the Oilers Credit they made a game of it.
*It was the Mark Recchi Reference that fueled this come back, i know it.


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