Friday, November 21, 2008

zzzzzzzzzzzz....Huh! Whoa! What A Game!

Excitement. Nail-biting tension. That's NFL football and no one, and I mean no one, does it better than the Pittsburgh Steelers. If you didn't almost wet yourself with excitement last night watching the Steelers-Bengals tilt then call a doctor because you are almost surely not alive.

The Steelers pulled out a tough one last night with a 27-10 win over the Cincinnati Bengals. In what was surely the NFL's game of the week even though it's only Thursday the Steelers not only battled a dominant defense but also had to deal with mother nature. Well, God found out once again that there is no stopping the Black and Gold. Ben was back. What a gamer, a true competitor. I tweak my nipples just thinking about the performance he put forth last night. Even though he barely completed 50% of his passes, he was the difference. The way his passes frequently flew over the heads of his receivers only goes to prove my point that he has the strongest arm in all the football world. Once we draft some 8' receivers in the next draft Ben will be on the road to Canton.

Willie Parker torched the 20th ranked Bengals defense for 37 yards. He surely would've had 200 plus yards but this was clearly Ben's night. Why risk an injury to a guy that's already missed almost the entire season? I say let Ben keep throwing the ball 40 times a game and only good things can happen. I wish he was gay.

Also, there was a hockey game last night somewhere. I think the Pens beat the Braves or some shit. In all fairness, shame on the NHL. They should have know better than to schedule a Pens game on the same night as a Steelers game. I bet half the people in Atlanta didn't even show up to stay home and catch the Steeler's game on T.V. There's a strong following around this country for the Steelers and if the NHL had half a brain in their head they would avoid scheduling any hockey games on nights that the Steelers play. Just a suggestion. Thank old Bob when you try it and it works.

Smizik out.

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