Friday, November 21, 2008

Puckheads VS. Convicts

The recent article at Puckdaddy about the NBA attendance dropping and the NHL holding steady for the most part, and he list some reasons why. You can throw all the charts and graphs at me you want, A profesional Basketball game is boring. Say on a rare occasion there is a close game, it takes 15 minutes realtime to play the last 2 minutes of a basketball game to decide the winner. If it looks like you touched somebody, the whistle blows and you shoot 2. Wow foul shots are exciting. or this is a good reason also

(this is the only way to make the NBA exciting...what a game)

In my opinion the problems the NHL has with getting new fans is the speed, and rules of the game. Most people don't get it. Did you ever watch hockey with someone who have never seen a game, how many questions did they ask you? Hockey can be a confusing game for the newcomer or the Casual fan. Better yet did you ever watch a hockey game with an avid Football fan, trying to get into Hockey? That is comical?
**Why do they just throw the ball down to the other end of the Field? There isn't anybody down there.
Why are they allowed to play with more players than the other team?

Or if you're watching with a Flyers fan they only have one question, Why does my team suck every year?

The rules of Hockey are confusing and the speed is breathtaking at times. There isn't 40 seconds between plays to break up the action, they don't get 5 time outs a game, and you are allowed to hit other players.

I'll take Hockey and it's Fan base just the way it is.

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