Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Kick boards Bobby, The kick Boards-Pens Win

1st Period:

Crosby is playing tonight, so is Sabourin.

The Top unit for the penguins keep possession of the puck early, with zero shots to show for it.

Malkins 1st shift has him getting hit on the hand with the puck, obvious pain, the Pens really don't need Malkin on the injury list.

16:40 Crosby comes down the slot, no dice, Macdonald makes a nice glove save.

10:40 Talbot heads to the box on a slashing call, The 1st Power play belongs to the Islanders
Sabourin comes up with a save on weight, but that's about it, the Pens kill it.

There is really nothing going on this period, the penguins look like they don't want to play tonight.

3:37 Doug Weight gets one by Sabourin 1-0 Islanders.

End of the 1st

*What a slow period, other than the Weight goal there was just nothing going on.
*Doug Weight is old.

2nd Period:

Malkin must be feeling the effects of getting hit in the hand, he did not come out of the dressing room.

17:44 Kennedy from Zigo give and go, what a play 1-1

15:58 The Pens go on there 1st power play
15:29 you see Malkin come out of the locker room to take his spot at the point on ther power play. But that wasn't enough, the Islanders kill it.

13:23 The Pens draw yet another power play,
Nothing at all going on that one, Islanders kill off another one.

11:09 Right after the Power play. Islanders goal. 2-1 islanders

4:ish Islanders get another goal 3-1 islanders. this is not going well.

3:ish (i need to start watching the clock better) Jordan Staal comes in on a semi breakaway, What a goal 3-2 Islanders.

3:21 The Pens with the man advantage, nothing. the Islanders almost get a shorty, a big scrum in front of the net, some jack off was pitch forking Sabourin but he somehow keeps it out of the net. How small did Sykor Look standing beside Sutten?

:37 The Pens will finish the Period on a power play.

3rd Period:

19:02 Macdonald has to come up with 2 big saves early one on a Letang shot and one on a Fedotenko shot. Islanders kill the time remaining on the penalty.

17:02 The Penguins were all over the Islanders early, Staal with a bomb from the slot, Macdonald makes the save.

12:40 Cooke Puts one off the crossbar behind Macdonald, this 3rd line tonight has been the best line for the penguins. The islanders still don't have a shot in the 3rd period.

8:56 The Islanders go on a power play, the Pens just shut them down, nothing.

5:34 This Pass that Letang made to Fedotenko was just sick.

3:15 The Pens tie it, Kennedy gets his stick on a shot from Goligoski. 3-3 Kennedy with 2 goals tonight.

:24 Crosby was so close to giving the Pens a lead, Misses on the far side.
the Islanders take it the other way and almost give the islanders the lead, the last 2 minutes was more exciting than the entire game.

The overtime Period wasn't much. Sabourin had to make a sick Pokecheck, other than that, nothing.


1st: Doug Weight=save by Sabourin
2nd:Sykora=Goal on the backhand, what a move.
5th:Hunter=The Puckk got lost in Sabourins pads, there is no way to overturn the call on the Ice. Pens Win

*Sabourin had another solid Performance in relief of mafer
*Crosby can score, I've seen it.
*Kennedy was the best player for the Pens
*Staal is on fire
*One way to not give up a 3rd Period lead is to go into it Losing.

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