Tuesday, November 25, 2008

i can't think of Anything

Best Goalie in the east Marc Andre Fleury might not be coming back anytime soon, the gazette is saying he can't finish a skating workout. I don't know what the big deal is, why can't they tell us what injuries players have.

The Power play sucks and Coach T is gonna do something about it. Tyler Kennedy will be on the top power play unit. Maybe the Pens should try to utilize Max Talbot on the 1st or 2nd unit.

Letang and Orpik play well together. I would like to see Letang put a couple in the back of the net. His Defensive game is good, now lets work on some offense.

Mario Lemieux Needs your help, go vote for the Best Captain. Right now Steve Yzerman is winning and i'm sick of the Redwings.

After a late surge the Washington Capitals still suck. i hate the way the Minnesota Wild play but seeing Ovechkin makes me want to puke. this is actually starting to Rival my hatred for Philly.

Ryan O'byrne decided to score in his own net last night to tie the game and cost Montreal a point, as they endd up losing in O.T. Funny thing is he probably has 335,000,000 votes for the all-star game.

What a douche bag.

Claude Lemieux must have spent all of his money on drugs and hookers, he is trying to make a comeback. The 43 year old Goon signed a try-out contract with San Jose. Thats what we need another dirty player in the NHL.

(if he continues to do this to the Wings, i will be cool with it)

(yinz luv da guins episode 5)

Saturday to wednesday, Too many days off.

Go Pens

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