Monday, November 3, 2008

End of the Road

The Pens Finished their first road trip on a good note beating the blues 6-3 on saturday to get their only win of the road trip.

The Trib says it was a break out game for a lot of Penguin Players. [TRIB]

it was nice to see Malkin Dish off to Staal for the Empty netter, as soon as you see Staal take the pass the only thing you thought was "its going off the post". but he buries it for his first goal of the season. Maybe thats what he needed to get him going.

Lord Therrian "knighted" Rob Scuderi and Hal Gill [Gazette].

It was nice to see Pesonen called up to the big club, getting the "Subway Sandwich" of the game saturday, had to sit well with the coaches and management. But He and Minard are heading back to WBS. [Penguins]

Go to Faceoff Factor to see a comparison of how much better the new pens are doing compared to the players who went after money. i dont know who this Hossa guy is they are comparing to Satan. i Dont remember anybody by that name.

That's right Semin Whats so special about Crosby. What have you done so far. this is such a stupid thing to say, it isn't even worth putting on here. Someone should tell Semin that "dead wood" doesn't get 100 pts a season. What a joke.

some highlights for Semin To watch

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