Saturday, November 22, 2008

Sedins are Homo's: Pens Lose

Game 20: Vancouver Canucks @ Pittsburgh Penguins

1st Period:

19:35 Cooke throws a nice hip check into some Canuck d-bag and all hell breaks loose. Like a scene from slapshot there is 3 different fights going on. Kennedy, Orpik and Cooke are all knuckleheads. Some how Cooke gets a game misconduct out of it, and the Pens come out of it with a power play. Tough blow for Cooke, i'm sure he was looking forward to playing his old team.

The Pens get some solid chances on net, with Luongo coming up big, Sykora bounces one of the Pipe to the right of Luongo. Canucks kill the penalty

17:16 Talbot and O'brien go to the box for something, i didn't catch what it was. 4 on 4 hockey for the next 2 minutes.

15:06 Luongo's oversized pads gets the best of him, it looked like he pulled something of twisted something, we won't be seeing him again today. Back-up Curtis Sanford comes in in relief. Pens get a power play chance again.

Now Staal runs Sanford, he goes down, hey i play goal in a beer league maybe i should go down to the arena, i might get in the game. Turns out he was just trying to buy a penalty. The Cunucks kill the Penalty.

11:58 Vancouver goes on the Power play, Solid play in the zone but i don't think they got a shot off, Penguins kill off the Penalty.

7:03 Sabourin has to make a big save on a juicy rebound he gave up. nice save, bad rebound.

5:37 Crosby gets a feed on the back door, off the heal of his stick. You gotta bury that Crosby.

4:21 Some Canuck d-man shoot the puck over the glass, delay of game Penalty. The Pens turn in one of the worst power plays i've seen. The Canucks kill it with ease.

1:55 Pavol Demitra gives the Canucks a lead. a weird goal to give up i guess. 1-0

End of ONE:

**I still can't think of a reason why Cooke should have gotten a game misconduct.
**Crosby is playing a good good game but he should have buried that one-timer.

2nd Period:

19:45 Orpik beaks up a Canuck 2 on 1 perfectly. he made it look easy

18:30 Canucks get a power play
Orpik detroys one of the Sedin homo's behind the net. Talbot loses his stick, 5 on 3 1/2. Pens kill off the Penalty

13:10 One of the Sedin Homo's gives the Canucks a 2-0 advantage. It hard to make a save when you're in the net Sabu

The middle of the 2nd period is about as exciting as watching flies fuck. Icing/icing/icing/offsides/hand pass, by the way the pens do have a shot yet this period.

8:24 The Penguins register their first shot of the 2nd period.

1:50 the Pens go on a power play. no dice so far. 10 second to work with to start the 3rd period.

end of TWO:

**i really don't have anything to say

3rd Period:

19:38 Mike Zigomanis cuts the Vancouver lead in half, sneaking a puck under the pads of Sanford.

17:38 Sabu comes up big to keep the pens in the game.

The Pens are starting to get the bettere of the play.

Scuderi breaks up a 3 on 2 with Vancouver's top line, what a play by Scuderi.

Coach T units Crosby and Mlakin to ignite some offense. but nothing doing.
Demitra gets the empty net goal: Game Pens lose 3-1

**The Refs missed at least 4 calls in the last 5 minutes of the game, but it doesn't matter the Pens power play was garbage the entire game.

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