Sunday, October 26, 2008

Why do they do this-Pens Lose

Sydor opens up the scoring in the first period with a shot from the point that bounced off the entire Rangers team before getting behind Lundqvist. A Goalie Like Lundqvist, sometimes thats the only way he can be beat. Other than the goal in the first there really wasn't much going on. it was the Rangers coming then it was the Pens coming.

The 2nd period was more of the same, The Rangers were putting shots on Fleury and he was turning them away, The Pens were putting shots on Lundqvist, he was turning them away.

Sid Gets his 3rd goal of the season picking up some garbage in the crease. The Rangers did have a full 2 minute 5 on 3 that the Pens killed off. The Penalty killers for the pens were unreal. Jordan Staal may not be scoring a lot but he was just a beast this game.

Entering the 3rd Period the pens had a 2 goal lead and a 24-23 edge in shots.
if it wasn't in the back of your mind then you don't know Penguin Hockey.
Like they always do the Pens Sat back and let the Rangers put it to them in the 3rd period. The Rangers outshot the Penguins 18-2 in the 3rd while getting the 2 goals they needed to tie the game up.

Marcus Naslund got the 1st goal while jordan Staal was in the box, and Zherdev got the 2nd goal with 9 seconds left in the game, putting a shot over M.A.fers shoulder.

In the overtime period the pens decided to play again, out shooting the Rangers 4-2 and having a few solid chances.

The Shootout went about as well as the 3rd period for the penguins, there was only one goal scorer and it wasnt for the Penguins.

-Jordan Staal is playing some good hockey, i dont care what anyone says
-the 5 on 3 was gold
-Fleury had 42 saves, this shouldn't be happening.
-it's still early.
-San Jose will not be an easy game.

Next game is Tuesday @ 10:00 at San Jose, how about the pens get a lead and hold onto it.


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