Monday, October 20, 2008

Pens Win

First Period:
Other than the score board it was all Boston in the first period. The Pens gave the Bruins 3 power plays, with some solid kills.
the only real threat was the second power play when it seemd like the Pens couldn't win a face off to save their balls.

Godard and Thornton tried to fight but , Thornton forgot how to skate and ended up on his back. Lets do it again so Smizik has something to write about.

And finally at 1:09 mark Miro Satan comes out of the box and puts home the rebound from a Malkin shot. 1-0

The first period belonged to Sabourin, it could have easily been 3-1 Boston. Sabu made huge saves early and often.

2nd Period:

Early on Crosby and Malkin almost make it a 2-0 game but Tim Thomas was there.
About the 16:20 mark Biz nasty was looking for a fight, but then realized Smizik might be watching so he toned it down a little.

Am i mistaken or did steigy use "power move" for the first time this season, Godard had 2 of them this game.

12:52 mark- the Penguins get their first power play of the night.
it took a little under a minute to get set up, no goals, but a solid look.

Around the 7:15 mark the Bruins get their forth power play chance and it didnt take long.
Phil Kessel finally gets one past Sabourin, what a shot. tied up 1-1

At 5:06 the Penguins go on their 2nd Power Play from a blatant trip by some douche bag.
Do Boston fans even know what a Penalty is, Go home and watch the Sox game.......oh nevermind they lost. Pens fail on the power play (0 for 2)

It got interesting towards the end of the period, Crosby and Savard go at it in the corner.
Crosby got the better of him since Savard was on his back his back the entire time.

Right at the end of the period Pascul Dupius explodes into someone, i've never seen him do that before, but i would like to see more of it.

End of the 2nd-tied up 1-1

the 3rd period starts out 4 on 4 as savard and Crosby are still in the box.
nothing really going on, back and forth with no real chances at anything.

it wasnt until about the 12:50 mark that Crosby finally gets a shot on goal (unless i missed one, i like to drink beer during the game), he shoots right into the logo on Thomas's jersey.

it started getting a little scary after that, Sabu had to come up huge a few times to keep the score even. The Pens should have been losing at this point.

The 1st line is about the only line that could really hold any sustained pressure this period, but there weren't any good looks at the goal.
Fedotenko had a good 3rd period, maybe his best period as a penguin.

Steigy must be gettin into mid-season form, i heard "power move" twice and he calls Tyler Kennedy "Little Tiger". he really needs to quit calling him that.

End of Regulation still tied 1-1.


Sabourin has to come up big again at about the 3:45 mark. this game should have been over, he was just insane the entire game.

2:00 minute left Orpik chips it up the boards to a waiting Malkin, who takes the pass right out of mid air, what a play, he made it look easy. it turns into a 2 on 1 with malkin and staal, nothing going. i dont know if staal was shooting or dishing back to malkin, either way thomas got a pad on it.
Malkin was hauled down on the play and the pens go to a 4 on 3 power play with 1:52 left.
Finish on a power play right? nope. Staal gets a slashing penalty. he had to know the refs would be looking for an even up call.

3 on 3 for the rest of O.T. which was fun to watch but i would rather be watching the pens on a power play.

End of overtime score:1-1


1st up Letang VS. Thomas=he loses the puck on the way in (0-0)
2nd: Kessel VS. Sabu= goal (0-1)
3rd: Sykora VS. Thomas=Goal what a move, he used that last season in the playoffs against biron (1-1)
4th: Bergeron VS. Sabu= missed the net, no goal (1-1)
5th: Crosby VS. Thomas= no goal, come on Crosby make a move (1-1)
6th: Ryder VS. Sabu =big save (1-1)
7th: Satan Vs. Thomas=Save (1-1)
8th: Krejci VS. Sabu:=poke check maybe- no goal(1-1)
9th: Malkin VS. Thomas=goal (2-1)
10th: Savard VS. Sabu=blocker save (he was still thinking about Crosby putting the beat down

Pens Win-what a fun game to watch

Next Game thursday

Go Pens

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