Friday, October 31, 2008

Atleast we got some Shots: Pens Lose

The 1st period went by pretty fast with nothing going. The Pens 1st shot came around the eight minute mark. it was a good period for Bryzgalov to get some of his confidence back, he wasn't tested at all. the Pens just didnt look like they wanted to be there. It was trick or treat night in Dupuis's neighborhood, so he didn't show up for the game. i guess he dressed up as a Hockey Player.

The 2nd period took a few minutes to get going, early in the 2nd the Coyotes best player Dan MCcreary catches Orpik looking at a Coyote wrong,2 minutes-not having a pornstache.

The Pens Technically kill it off but Olie Dickenin will beat Fleury about 2 seconds after the Power Play was over. 0-1 Coyotes.

The Pens will get the equilizer on the Power play when Malkin bounces a slapper of the back boards only to have Satan knock it out of mid air into the back of the net, what a goal. 1-1

The Ice started tilting in the Pens favor after that, Malkin was shooting from everywhere, He would finish the period with a new Pens record of 9 shots in one period, the record was 7 shots on goal that Mario did about 6 times, the only difference is Mario Probably left the period with 3 goals.

Malkin doing all the shooting, Doan doing all the scoring. The Coyotes get the eventual game winner on a Jordan Staal boarding Penalty.

The 3rd Period had the Pens all over the place.

Crosby left for the Locker room? not again

Douche bag Carcillo takes a stupid penalty for boarding, what a cheapshot.
soon after that another d-bag puts it over the glass 5 on 3 for the Pens.
as is every 5 on 3 for the pens, it didnt last long, Satan gets called for a hook.
Then you hear 10 minute misconduct. Satan must not have agreed with pornstaches call.

Some dude makes Goligoski look like a rookie, passes to some other dude, no chance for fleury.

Doan get the empty netter.

*Goligoski had a tough game.
*Letang is a beast
*is their a Coyote that Orpik didn't hit?
*Was their a game last night? i forgot about it already.
*after all the bitching from the San Jose game, the Pens more than doubled their shot total only to get beat by more goals, the Pens shot the puck too much, thats why they lost.
*Jordan Staal let me down 2 games in a row

Pens Lose: Next game Saturday against the Blues.

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