Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pens Lose

1st Period:

Cheechoo gets a solid chance early, Sabu says no.

Godard vs. Shelley, the fight goes to Godard because the other guy has 2- girls names (Jodey Shelley)

Nabokov gets an Oscar, 2 minutes for Satan, Talbot-less pens kill the penalty with ease, Jordan Staal is a beast.

Malkin with a steal misses the net, come on Malkin, Rico Fata buries that one.

Staal tripped up the Pens go on the power play, only to have some douche bag put in a shorty. Really did the Pens have a power play, i didn't notice.

Late in the 1st period Staal had a solid re-direct only to miss the net, he will get one tonight, mark my words.

End of the 1st period:
Sharks 1-Pens 0
Shots in favor of the Sharks 6-3.
Malkin and Staal both missed the net on prime oppurtunities.

2nd Period:

The 2nd period starts out about the same way the 1st ended, the Sharks putting it to the Pens,
Sabourin makes a save through traffic that he couldn't have seen.

Pascul Dupuis fires a wrister, beautiful glove save by Nabokov.

Sharks go on their 3rd power play of the game, i wouldn't say a good kill as much as i would say the Pens survived it.

the 2nd period was all San Jose and all Danny Sabourin.
The Sharks have 367 shots on goal so far.

The Pens maybe need to try Sykora with Malkin and Crosby, i think it will works

3rd Period:
The 3rd period was all Sharks all the time.

11:08 Sharks go on the power play, Pens kill it.

Crosby draws a Penalty pens go on the power play for about 25 seconds, then Fedotenko gets called for an interference penalty.

7:08 Mike Greir* puts a back hander behind Sabourin. thats a back breaker.
for some reason Mike Grier just doesn't look like he fits out there, i don't know what it is.

It takes this long for the Pens to start playing hockey, a nice play to get out of their own zone,
and Fedotenko puts it in the net at the other end, Pens down by one with a little over 5:00 left.

the rest of the game the Pens are Pressing, this is the first time all night that it looked liked the pens could hang with San Jose, and then Matt Cooke get whistled for a high stick.

Game. Pens lose

**Sabourin is a machine

**Crosby wanted it, just not enough i guess

**Mike Greir just doesn't look right out there, i don't know why.

**Jordan Staal didn't get one, my bad

Next Game Thursday against the Gretzky and the Coyotes.

Go Pens


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