Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Was it Really That bad?

We were there at the end!!

Although the Pittsburgh Penguins were out shot last night 462 to -3, they still could have taken that game.

Everybody today is calling for more shots on goal, better transition game, the Pens need Gonchar and whitney back. while, i agree with all of this, still the Pens could have taken last nights game.

Did the Sharks have chances to get a bigger lead? yes. Did they? no
The Pens Definately didn't play their best game by any means and what did it result in, a 2-1 loss.

Malkin missed the Net on a play which he buries 8 out of 10 times.

Jordan Staal had a sweet deflection that just missed the Net.

Pascul Dupuis was robbed on a wrister from the circle.

Crosby put one off the crossbar.

With the dismal 11 shot output, the Pens had some golden chances they let slip away.

Sabourin made a few saves that he shouldn't have to make, but he did what the team needed and what the fans expect. Sabourin stepped up when his team wasn't playing their best, and almost stole another point. The goaltenders are always the ultimate equilizer.

As with every team that goes through injuries to key players, the other player have to step it up, and Fleury and Sabourin have definately been doing that. the team owes them a few 6-5 wins and 8-7 wins.

Letang and Goligoski are going to get better as the season goes on, and with that comes the better transition game, although Letang had a solid game last night.

Come playoff time this season, with the experience Goligoski has aquired, and Gonchar and Whitney back we will have a Solid defense and one of the best transition games.

The only problem is, Who sits?

I have a bigger problem with letting 2 goal leads slip away in the 3rd period than I do a game that we clearly shouldn't have won, but at the final whistle, can't say we didn't have a chance to win.

I'm waiting to see how Smizik Says Hines Ward wouldn't have let a game like this happen.

Besides, the last 5 minutes of the game......we owned them


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