Friday, October 17, 2008


Want a recap? The first and second period, the Pens were the tits.
The third period they turned to ass.

Can I ask the question for the 4th straight match up with the Caps as to why no one on this team will stick up for Geno against the Caveman Cocksucker? What is it going to take? Geno getting knocked out for half the season with a concussion? I'm not saying you gotta slew foot him (hint) or anything, but it would've been nice to see someone take a run at him in Malkin's defense. Just a thought. Do you think they would've put up with this crap if it was Sid he was going after? I doubt it.

I do have to add that Semin is a beast. This guy is going to score 40+ goals this year. Mark it down.

This is no time to panic. I have to keep saying this to myself and I believe it. It's only 5 games into a very young season. But to lose to a team that we've dominated in recent years and to do it in the fashion that we did is troubling. The lack of even strength offense has to be addressed.

Time to move on. Bring on the Leafs!

Go Pens

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