Friday, October 3, 2008

Pens VS. Sens (10-04-2008)

The Regular Season is due to get underway for the Pens Tommorrow in Stockholm Sweden.

the Pens Official Site says you can watch it at Melon Arena.

With A 2:30 p.m. start (whatever time that is in sweden) the Penguins will take on Jarrko Ruutu and the Ottawa Senators.

(this is the thing they will be playing in)
They are having all kinds of problems trying to get the Rink set up right. Seems like they are coming up a little short in pretty much everything they do. (must be from phily)

this should be a fun game to watch, filled with offsides and delay of game penelties.

the Redwing senior citizen Chelios is out 3 to 6 weeks per yahoo the team reports Chelios was injured at wednesday night bingo at the firehall.

Want the latest on the Penguins Faceoff Factors MattBodenschatz is all over it.

Ryan Stone was place on waivers after crying because hes not good enough for the NHL.
and Gonch has had successful arthroscopic surgery.
Brian Metzer a blogger at hockeybuzz will tell you more about it.

there is a good article at spectors asking the qusetion are the penguins heading down the lightning path.
i say no far from it, the players we are paying the most money for are actually good and can carry a team. (Brad Richards) don't get me wrong Vinny is good, but has he ever seen his own defensive zone. He's usually in the neutral zone waiting for a the break out pass that his defense isnt good enought to make.

TFP power rankings are a joke. the Penguins come in at number 9 because we lost Marian Hossa and Jarko Ruutu, thats right kids, not Ryan Malone, but Ruutu.
How many time was Ruutu a healthy scratch last Season, and was Hossa even there? what a douche.


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