Thursday, October 16, 2008

I'm Just an Ordinary Average Guy

After 4 games so far this Season Sidney Crosby is on pace to be average. Post gazette
Mark Eaton knows what its all about:
He's due for an explosion here pretty soon," defenseman Mark Eaton said yesterday. "As long as we keep finding ways to win games, I don't think anybody cares who puts up the points, but it's like a time bomb waiting to go off. He's ready to throw up a four- or five-point game here any night.

The Trib is saying the Capitals are a lot like the Pens [trib].
i have to agree, Like them or hate them, If you're a fan of hockey you will enjoy watching the Caps.

The Faceoff Factor has the grades posted for the Pens VS. d-bags game.
Something tells me he's not a fan of Satan and Fedotenko.

The Godard fight was one of the best, it rivals the Roberts Beat down on Eager last year.

Thousands pay Respect to Cherepanov [TSN]. I'm still in shock over this tragic story.
Yahoo has a solid read on the Jiri Fischer incident in 2005.

Pens VS Caps GDP later


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