Monday, October 27, 2008

Chicago @ Minnesota

Frist period:

A Pretty even match up if you ask me, nothing to write to your Mom about.
Its surprisingly up tempo considering how the wild try to put their opponents to sleep, and then score.

No Marian Gaborik, they say he's out indefinately with an undisclosed injury, i say he packing up all of his belongings and heading to Pittsburgh.

The Goaltenders are playing well, Backstrom for Minnesota and Huet for Chicago. Huet must not have let Kolzig wear off on him last season, he is actually stopping pucks.

The teams traded goals in the 1st: Patrick Sharp getting the goal for Chicago, Andrew Brunette Getting the goal for Minnesota about 2 seconds after Chicago kills a Toews penalty.

Patrick Sharp is on fire with 11 points in the last 7 games, that's impressive to anyone who doesn't have Malkin or Crosby on their team.

If i remember correctly they said Minnesota is unbeaten in regulation time so far this season, I've been drinking so i can't remember for sure, and I'm not going to look.

Now the high impact Versus Intermission report.....

2nd Period:

Around the 15:00 mark Miettien scores for the wild making it a 2-1 game, about a minute later Toews Was denied on a solid chance in front of Backstrom.

The Wild impressively kill off a 5 on 3 for 1:06, they made it look easy.

Wild on a power play, Koivu brings it over the line, passes to Brunnette, Brunette finds burns on the back, Huet didn't have a prayer. what a play. 3-1 Wild.

End of 2 the Wild lead 3-1 even though they are getting out shot by a ridiculous margin, almost reminds you of the penguins shot differentials in 3rd periods, but not quite that bad.

it took about 35 seconds left in the 2nd period for someone to mention the joke Ben Eager, i forgot he plays for Chicago, that should tell you how important he is in this game so far.

Time for another high impact Versus intermission report.....

3rd Period:

17:30 Backstrom comes up huge on a deflection from the point.

Wild have a 4 on 2, Brent SeaBrooke blocks the shot with his knee, he's not getting up, off the inside of the knee, that's gotta hurt, never mind he doesn't play in the NFL, he's back.

9:42 Owen Nolan is sent to the box for a hook, Chicago on the Power play, no dice. not even close. Minnesota is like a machine killing penalties

4:34 Duncan Keith converts a Mikka Koivu turnover. a slapshot that somehow got through Backstrom, Lindsay Soto was right in the middle of talking about Backstrom, Awkward situation. Don't talk about the goalie until the game is over.

Timeout Chicago...1:19 left

Quienville must have drawn up the wrong play. Wild Win 3-2

**The Minnesota Wild are killing Penalties at a rate of 100%, that's right, they haven't allowed 1 yet. they tied the 196-something Maple leafs for 7 games without allowing a power play goal.

**Owen Nolan has been in the league for a longtime, he can still play some solid hockey

**Duncan Keith is a solid hockey player

**Lindsay Soto is hot. i will forgive her for the Goalie thing.

**I did remember correctly, the Wild are unbeaten in regulation.

**i make my own wine, it tastes good.

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