Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Game #4 - Pens Win

First off, Mike Richards is probably the biggest douche in all of hockey. That's a ridiculous accomplishment for someone who plays on the Flyers because you'll always have someone on your team challenging you for that spot. The Pens didn't have much going on in the first period. Then came the incident that I mentioned above. Crosby was held up on one of the most obvious interference calls I have ever seen. On the ensuing faceoff, Richards decided to use his face time and berate Sid. I hate Downie. I hate Cote. I hate Briere. But this assbag takes the cake. He takes it upon himself to tell Sid how much of a disgrace he is to the league every time they play. Then he does this:

I don't know if this was a dive, but it must be. Simply because it's Richards. Mike, you are a dick. Go to hell.

Other than that scenario, not much else happened in the first. Cote and Godard threw down. Truly one of the better fights I've seen in a long time. The final punch gives Godard the win.

Second Period

The Pens Powerplay finally looks like something resembling a unit that may score a goal or two this year. However, the first unit could not get the job done. Bring on the offensive juggernaut that is Brooks Orpik. He pulls of his patented floater. Pens 1-0

Shortly after that, Cooke ruins a Flyers life behind their own net and centers a puck to a wide open Zigmanis. Pens 2-0

It looked like things would stay that way, but in the final minute of the period, Hal Gill continued his march to the Rocket Richard Trophy as he notched his second goal of the year. If only he could bury it in the opposition's net. Pens 2-1

Then, before you could get over swearing at your T.V., Simon Gagne quit drooling on himself and crapping his pants long enough to deflect in the equalizer on a shot from the point. 2-2 Well, Shit.

End of the Second.

Third Period

Good period of hockey. But neither team was able to capitalize. It looks like Jordan Staal's inability to bury the puck has followed him into this season (sorry, wickedsister). Great chance lost.

End of third.


Just for the record, shootouts are overrated. I don't mind them but would much rather have an overtime goal than a shootout victory 100 times out of 100.

Pascal Dupuis answered my prayers with under a minute left as he beat Nittywhatever high glove side from the left wing boards.

Pens win 3-2

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