Wednesday, October 15, 2008

And Boots Comes to Life

All 4 readers that frequent this site are probably wondering why their are 4 writers listed but yet all 3 people have been posting, well after a long and exclusive investigation we have found out the reasons why the infamous Boots has not been in the spot light.

After we found him in a pool of someone elses urine, we cleaned him up let the smoke clear so to speak and asked him some questions about where he's been, and how he has gotten to this point

Introducing the wicked wrister's contributor: Boots

1.) So When did you become a hockey fan?
Boots: the 2006 season, i think, holy shit how do i know

2.) At what point did you decide the penguins were your team?
Boots: i liked the fact that most of the players were young and that they worked hard to earn respect in the NHL.

3.) What's your fondest memory in you hockey fan career?
Boots: Being in the crowd at the igloo when the pens put away the flyers to win the conference

4.) If the Penguins were to win the Stanely cup, How would you Celebrate?
Boots: lots of beer.. a day off work and a trip to pittsburgh

5.) if the Pens were to lose to the flyers by a score of 15-0 how would you react?
Boots: id wake up. thats not ever going to happen. The Flyers suck

6.) You do a lot of Work behind the scenes for the Wicked Wrister, explain what you do?
Boots:I oversee the technical look and feel of the blog and add input to what the blog means to hockey

7.) Do you sometimes feel unappreciated by the writers of the Wrister? Explain how that makes you feel.
Boots: i get depressed sometimes because i dont feel i am part of the wicked wristers... Sometimes i go home and beat on the wife to cheer me up.. but at the end of the day im still sad

8.) If you could say one thing to them right now, what would it be?
Boots: we need porn,NO ARLOW..not men getting into bathtub porn either. nothin else comes to mind, who wrote these dumbass questions?

9.) There was recently some controversy within the Wricked Wrister, they caught you rooting for the flyers, what was going on in your life to make you hit rock bottom?
Boots: Drugs...lots of drugs!

10.) Can you explain the obssesion you had for Steve Downie? and when did you realize he was a homo with no hockey skill?
Boots: All Flyers Fans like him, it didnt take long to realize they must like him for something other than hockey skills

11.) have you ever contemplated taking your own life while watching the flyers play? if yes, how many times per game would you say you have these feelings?
Boots: it wasnt until afterwards that i was so embarrassed that taking my own life seemed like the only option.

12.) you went into hiding after that and told them you were fixing your house, explain why you lied to the wrister?
Boots: i was embarrassed to say that i rooted for the flyers. I figured to lose friends is better than admitting i had problems like that.

13.) After you came out of hiding you never told them about the flyers, you let them find out for themselves, how did they react?
Boots:They still hate me... everytime i see them they look at me with disgust

14.) How Does that make you feel?
Boots: its my fault, i hated myself for being a flyers fan, i dont blame them.

15.) Now that your life is back on track and you're a Pens fan again, do you think back on the dark days and wonder how retarded you must have been to root for the flyers?
Boots: i try to forget those days. Ive done alot of stuff im not proud of but those days are the worst.

16.) Now that you're a Pens fan again, what is it like to once again have relations with the opposite sex as opposed to a homosexual lifestyle?
Boots:It feels great...I suppose anybody would be happy not having to cheer for homo's like Steve Downie.

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