Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I'm trying here

Are the Steelers no. 2 Gazzette says its getting close

(i told you i'm not playing until i shave my legs)

Wanna see the ball the pens will be playing in in Sweden the pensblog has it posted.

i could do this all day but i'm to lazy, if you want some solid news emptynetters is the place to go.

Malkin the "A" this year........."I WILL BREAK YOU"

"M to the A to F'er" how do i put it nicely, not a chance, thats a little to hip hop for me. i'll try M.A.f'er for a little bit

On a personal not- if comcast doesnt soon send me a new modem the shits gonna hit the fan. but then again comcast is headquartered in philadelphia and we know the people in phily are a little slower than the rest of us.


my modem arrived so that tells me a Pittsburgher was transfered to phily to work, so something got done. poor guy probably never even saw it coming...........

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