Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Pens VS Flyers

Game 4

Pens Vs Flyers (10/14/2008)

Tonight from The Mellon Arena the Pittsburgh Penguins will face the Philadelphia D-bags for the first time this season.

Lets see where do i start, the curse of Billy Penn. Since they built some skyscaper higher than the William Penn statue. They are gonna use that as an excuse for sucking for so long, the Phillies have a chance to break the curse this year............Go Dodgers.

The Flyers come in to tonight with some problems that all penguins fans can relate to, they lost 2 defensemen to injury, Randy Jones and Rich Parent, and have a Rookie starting on the blue line in Luca Sbisa. They did make a trade to upgrade their "d" Accuiring Andrew Alberts.

The Flyers Offense Has a few players that dont suck as bad. Captain Mike Richards (diver), Love him or hate him, he is a solid hockey play.
Gagne is finally able to say his ABC's again, he will be in the line up.
Jeff Carter (whiner) is a beast and will only get better
Danny Breirre is a girl
Steve Downie is a douche bag.
Even Bigger they don't have Umberger anymore, he was the only one that could score against the penguins.

(Lindros is still my favorite flyer)

(and now finger painting with Eric Lindros)

for goaltending tonight rumor has it Nittymaki will get the start because last game Biron didnt know he was supposed to prevent the puck from going in the net.

As you can tell i hate the flyers and wish nothing more than a losing season for a team that for so long would pick goonery over talent, it seems maybe after 33 years they realized that doesnt work.

The penguins on the other hand need to come out tonight with something to prove, after getting embarrassed by the devils (althought the score didnt show it) on saturday night.
i cant find anything on Petr Sykora again so i dont know if he will be in the line up tonight or not,
but you can expect to be some different line combos according to HCMT, but he wont tell us what they are. [they might be this] the new pens blogger seems solid.

the Penguins will debut the alternate Blue (kick ass) Jerseys November 15th. [TRIB]


The Frozen Fan said...

DISCLAIMER: I am not trying to start a Penguin fan-Flyer fan brawl here. I'm asking a real question, and I'm looking for a real answer.

Why do Penguins fans constantly refer to Mike Richards as a "diver"? Is it a Crosby-Richards rivalry thing, or is there an actual incident that inspired that moniker?

I'm genuinely curious because it's not something I've ever heard anyone else say about Mike Richards.

Anonymous said...

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