Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Leave Staal Alone

The Post Gazette gives us a little bit on what Zigomanis brings to the team. What a solid pick up by Shero. The Penguins finally have someone who can win a face off.

Also in that article come this:

NOTES -- Coach Michel Therrien gave the Penguins yesterday off. ... Readers of, a men's lifestyle Web site, made Crosby No. 45 on a list of men who had the greatest influence on the way other men think, behave and buy. Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama (douche bag) was No. 1.

Miro Satan is on pace to be in a pretty Distinguished Crowd. Will he hit the 47 Goal Plateau?

The Bruins went to another shoot out last night against the Sabres and lost again. I tuned into this game on versus last night. What a hockey game, Ryan Miller made a few incredible saves to keep it tied late in the game. Vanek had the shootout winner, making Manny Fernadez look foolish.

The grades for the Bruins game are up over at Faceoff Factor.

They say that was the best goal tended game this season, i have to disagree, Fleury was incredible in the devils game. Sabu was good for sure, but i dont think that good.

The flames beat the Caps Last night [TRIB]. No word if Ovechkin actually played or if he spent the entire game trying to injure someone.

Barry Melrose and the Lightning finally got a win last night against the thrashers [tsn]. hey the sun shines on a dogs ass every once in a while, speaking of a dogs ass, Recchi had a goal in the contest.
Colby Armstrong and Todd White had the goals for Atlanta

The NHL governors are thinking about adding another team to the Toronto market. They really should work on making existing ones solid before adding anymore, But like most NHL decision makers they find the common sense choice, and pick the other one.

In Avangard Omsks first game since the tragic death of Cherepanov, his NO.7 Jersey was raised to the rafters, and an announcement was made that it will never be worn again. I couldn't imagine what the players were thinking trying to get through that game.

in a shocking turn of events Philadelphia Flyer douche bag Steve Downie Was sent to the phantoms [TSN]. unbelievable, Mike Richards was quoted as saying "he needs to play more like me, i showed him how to sucker punch people, and he did well at it, but when i tried to show him how to dive like i do, that's where everything falls apart". its rumored that Richards and Brierre both tried to teach him how to dive but he just couldn't grasp it.

Bring on the Canes tomorrow, i heard from somewhere that Staal has a brother on that team.


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